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How can I create CI/CD pipeline with cloudbuild.yaml in GCP?

Hi I am trying to create simple ci/cde pipeline after client make ‘git push’ it will start trigger with below cloudbuilder.yaml: # steps: # – name: ‘docker/compose:1.28.2’ # args: [‘up’, ‘-d’] # – name: "docker/compose:1.28.2" # args: ["build"] # images: [‘$PROJECT_ID/cloudbuild-demo-dockercompose’] # – name: ‘’ # id: ‘backend’ # args: [‘build’,’-t’, ‘$PROJECT_ID/cloudbuild-demo-dockercompose:latest’,’.’] # – name: […]

Plantuml: how to avoid overlap of self arrows and directional and select side of component

Problem Steps 3 and 4 are overlapping I’d like to move Step 3’s arrow on the left side of the component I can’t find a way to move it to the other side @startuml !includeurl !define ICONURL !includeurl ICONURL/common.puml !includeurl ICONURL/devicons/docker.puml !includeurl ICONURL/devicons/git.puml !includeurl ICONURL/font-awesome-5/gitlab.puml !includeurl ICONURL/font-awesome-5/sync.puml !define CLOUDOGUURL !includeurl CLOUDOGUURL/tools/k8s.puml !includeurl […]

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