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different output of files in Docker container

The main issue is this error when a yarn command (except yarn install) from the Dockerfile is executed: #30 [27/39] RUN cd mailer && yarn run tsc #30 sha256:73ba143f22b6fb626fd5f0e97a5716b3ce1d9a4fbc38da1c9bf5bc940ec08299 #30 16.32 Usage Error: The project in /app/package.json doesn’t seem to have been installed – running an install there might help #30 16.32 #30 16.32 $ […]

By GoWithTheFlow
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How to prepare the shell environment in an image executed by GitLab Runner?

I’m running CI jobs on a self-hosted GitLab instance plus 10 GitLab Runners. For this minimal example, two Runners are needed: Admin-01 A shell runner with Docker installed. It can execute e.g. docker build … to create new images, which are then pushed to the private Docker registry (also self-hosted / part of the GitLab […]

By Paebbels
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Docker build for Go project with GitLab private repositories

I am having some issues getting my build to work with dependencies in private GitLab repositories. All-in-all it is a multistage build, but the stage where I am attempting to build my Go project is listed below. This works locally for me, so there is an issue somewhere getting this working in Docker: FROM golang:1.16.8-alpine3.14 […]

By el n00b
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cgroups: cgroup mountpoint does not exist: unknown in gitlab Kubernetes executor

image: docker:19.03.13 variables: GIT_DEPTH: “0” DOCKER_HOST: tcp://localhost:2376 DOCKER_TLS_CERTDIR: “/certs” DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY: 1 DOCKER_DRIVER: overlay2 DOCKER_CERT_PATH: “$DOCKER_TLS_CERTDIR/client” I am running my runner on Kubernetes executor added docker dind in yaml file. when docker build command run it shows "cgroups: cgroup mountpoint does not exist: unknown". Source: Docker Questions

By Santhosh Thomas
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How do i run a image with –device permissions in gitlab-ci

Im trying to run a test stage in gitlab ci that need access to host usb devices. Im running the gitlab-runner in a docker container(started the container with the device settings) the runner is configured as a docker executor. When I docker exec -it into the gitlab-runner container I can access the usb devices but […]

By jst swe
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docker-compose : Scaling containers with distinct host volume map

Here, I deployed 2 containers with –scale flag docker-compose up -d –scale gitlab-runner=2 2.Two containers are being deployed with names scalecontainer_gitlab-runner_1 and scalecontainer_gitlab-runner_2 resp. I want to map different volume for each container. /srv/gitlab-runner/config_${DOCKER_SCALE_NUM}:/etc/gitlab-runner Getting this error: WARNING: The DOCKER_SCALE_NUM variable is not set. Defaulting to a blank string. Is there any way, I can […]

Trying and Failing with Gitlab CI with Google Run Cloud

This is my first time trying to CI to Google Cloud from Gitlab, so far has been this journey very painful, but I think I’m closer. I follow some instructions from: and I change to my needs the .gitlab-ci and the cloudbuild.yaml After several tryouts, I finally manage to set all the Roles, Permissions […]

How can I use GitLab under a relative URL on docker?

I’m using gitlab-ce on docker. These are my system specifications. A container of GitLab is gitlab/gitlab-ce. The web frontend is using external NGINX. GitLab is mounted under /git. I read the the gitlab documentation for configuring of a relative url, but it does not work as expected. All my configurations can be found in the […]

By elda
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Strange error docker in docker gitlab: /bin/sh: eval: line 120: docker-compose: not found

Forum, I’m experiencing a strange issue related to the following CICD script: image: docker:stable variables: DOCKER_DRIVER: overlay2 CONTAINER_RELEASE_IMAGE_APP: $CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE/app:latest CONTAINER_RELEASE_IMAGE_APP_DEV: $CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE/app_dev:latest # from K8S_STABLE_VERSION_URL: .k8s: services: – name: docker:18.09.7-dind command: ["–mtu=1410"] variables: DOCKER_HOST: tcp://localhost:2375 tags: – kube-onpremise ################## # —- DEV —– # ################## build_dev: stage: build script: # Login – docker login […]

By Psychotechnopath
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Gitlab job not pulling Docker image

Running a Gitlab project that uses a Docker image I created. Problem: Gitlab job execution log shows that image is not being pulled. Here is the .gitlab-ci.yml file, with the company stuff removed: default: image: name: guythedocker/jmeter-mssql-windows:latest entrypoint: [""] api test: stage: test script: – get-variable – $env:path -split ";" – echo $WORKDIR – Get-ChildItem […]

By Guy
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