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aws cli not available on github actions

I have been trying to use github actions to deploy a docker image to AWS ECR, but there is a step that is consistently failing. Here is the portion that is failing: – name: Pulling ECR for updates and instantiating new updated containers. uses: appleboy/[email protected] with: host: ${{secrets.STAGING_HOST}} username: ${{secrets.STAGING_USERNAME}} key: ${{secrets.STAGING_PEM}} port: ${{secrets.STAGING_PORT}} script: […]

Docker Container for Java Application with automated Updates from GitHub

I’m looking for a docker container which can run a Java application. However, this should automatically pull updates from a GitHub repository. I had the following features in mind for a Workflow: Watching on a (private) GitHub repo for merges in main stopping active java app Fetching the GitHub repo building the Source Code (maven) […]

Git Actions – cache pulled docker image without building on actions

I am trying to implement docker container based CI runner for building embedded software on git actions platform which pulls docker image from docker hub and performs the action in it. However, runner can’t retain the pulled docker image in subsequent trigger events, I tried to look up how to use caching feature to cache […]

index.js not uploading to github, keeps getting ignored

created a new project by using npx create-react-app newproject. Index.js inside /src keeps getting ignored when trying to upload it to github. Everything gets uploaded correctly. Is this a problem with webpack, any dependencies? This is unusual. folders and such: index.js: import React from "react"; import ReactDOM from "react-dom"; import "./index.css"; import App from "./App"; […]

How to push two different images with different tags to a single GitHub repository?

Let’s say I have built two docker images on my local machine. One for .NET and one for React. Since they are different images, of course they can’t both have the same tag. Let’ say I have tagged them: And let’s say my repository address is And I have also logged into […]

By Hossein Fallah
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Docker Build a GitHub Repository and Push to DockerHub

I’ve got a GitHub repo which has a Dockerfile in the project root. I want to build the repository, but am experiencing errors. Command run (The Dockerfile is located in the repository root, in the main branch) $ docker build$RepoOwner/$RepositoryName.git#main:. $ docker build$RepoOwner/$RepositoryName.git#main: Both yield the following error: unable to prepare context: unable […]

By M Choy
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How to push a docker image to GitHub Container Repository, when the name does not match?

Let’s say my repo address is, but my docker image name is When I try to push this image, I see this message: denied: permission_denied: The requested installation does not exist. If I change the docker image name to then it would be pushed. How can I push a docker image to […]

By Hossein Fallah
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Github workflow not getting the requirements.txt file while building docker image

I have a github workflow that is building the docker image, installing dependencies using requirements.txt and pushing to AWS ECR. When I am checking it locally all is working fine but when github workflow is running it is not able to access the requirements.txt file and shows the following error ERROR: Could not open requirements […]

Unable to login to GitHub Container Registry with GITHUB_TOKEN

I try to build and push the docker image to GHCR (GitHub Container Registry). Unfortunately, during the login process with docker/[email protected] action which uses a GITHUB_TOKEN as a password, I received an error. Error: Error response from daemon: Get "": denied: denied The entire workflow yaml manifest. name: Docker CI on: push: branches: [ main […]

Set variables in Github workflow within docker container

How can I set a variable in the docker container within the Github workflow? scp -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -r ./.env ./ [email protected]${{ secrets.DIGITAL_OCEAN_IP_ADDRESS_2 }}:/app ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no [email protected]${{ secrets.DIGITAL_OCEAN_IP_ADDRESS_2 }} << ‘ENDSSH’ echo "REACT_APP_AXIOS_URL=" >> .env1 #This line works fine docker exec -it frontend sh echo "REACT_APP_AXIOS_URL=" >> .env1 #This line does not ENDSSH I want […]

By Joseph Adam
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