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installing a specific version of GCC compiler onto a nvidia:cuda docker container

I’m trying to create an environment with cuda 8, cudnn 5.1, and GCC 5.3 but I can’t install gcc by apt install gcc-5.3, is there any way to do so? I have tried apt install gcc-5.3 and using conda to install gcc_linux-64 both not working. Source: Docker Questions

By I Lin
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GCC 8.3.0 asan in 32 bit debian docker

I am trying to leverage the address sanitizer from GCC 8.3.0 in a 32 bit debian buster docker container, but keep hitting my head against a wall when launching the executable: ==17738==Shadow memory range interleaves with an existing memory mapping. ASan cannot proceed correctly. ABORTING. ==17738==ASan shadow was supposed to be located in the [0x1ffff000-0x3fffffff] […]

GCC builds under teamcity docker agent

I’m trying out teamcity to build GCC binaries with docker agents on centos. I setup a docker agent to connect to builder2 TC server. $ docker pull jetbrains/teamcity-agent $ mkdir -p /mnt/builders/teamcity/agent1/conf $ mkdir -p /mnt/builders/teamcity/agent/work $ mkdir -p /mnt/builders/teamcity/agent/system docker run -it –name agent1 -e SERVER_URL="http://builder2:8111" -e AGENT_NAME="builder2_agent1" –hostname builder2_agent –dns="" -v /mnt/builders/teamcity/agent1/conf:/data/teamcity_agent/conf -v […]

By Peter Moore
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Docker image issue finding header files

I am new to Docker. I am creating a Dockerfile to build my C/C++ application using a custom Makefile. The Makefile builds my code correctly outside Docker and all is good. However, there is an issue when using Docker. My Dockerfile looks as follows : FROM gcc:latest RUN apt-get update RUN apt-get install libboost1.62-* RUN […]

By Engineer999
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How to fix "gcc: fatal error: cannot execute ?cc1plus?: execvp: No such file or directory"?

In a docker file I am trying to install gcc and all dependent libraries, but when I use the docker image to run some code inside I still get the error gcc: fatal error: cannot execute ?cc1plus?: execvp: No such file or directory I am already installing the following libraries: gcc python3-dev python3-pip libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev […]

By alex
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Compiling gccgo from sources results in gccgo: fatal error: ‘-fuse-linker-plugin’, but not found compilation terminated

I am trying to build gccgo from sources in order to run some tests against it and measure coverage. It builds fine but no matter what flags I set it always gives the following error when trying to compile a go program with gccgo. gccgo: fatal error: ‘-fuse-linker-plugin’, but not found compilation terminated. Here […] must be installed for pthread_cancel to work, Loguru caught a signal: SIGABRT

I am working on Ubuntu 18.04 and running a docker container inside it. The docker also contains same ubuntu version. I am running a python file inside docker container and encountered this error. I have the lib file in /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu. I have also installed gcc-multilib using apt-get from Dockerfile. But the error still persists […]

By rasunag27
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(/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lGL) Trying to build a GLFW application in docker

thank you for taking the time to read this question and hopefully helping. So I am trying to use docker to build a GLFW application and I can’t get ld to link in my OpenGL so file. I’ve installed many different packages that should include, and it is present at /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/. It’s a symlink […]

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TinyTerm works in VirtualBox but fails with segfault in Docker

I am trying to run an old and quite buggy 32bit virtual console emulator TinyTerm ITX and it works fine only in VirtualBox. If I try to run it in the same Docker environment it fails with: Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. (gdb) bt full #0 0xf6cc3770 in ?? () from /lib/ No symbol […]

By Gustav Calder
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CMake ASAN not linking pthread

I am trying to run asan using a few compiler versions to catch problems for different targets. To do this I am using custom cmake toolchain files and, to start, the official GCC Docker containers. Using gcc:11 everything works as expected, but for gcc:10 and gcc:9 I cannot link pthread at all using this custom […]

By David Brown
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