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Docker Swarm outgoing communication via Container Host or Swarm-Manager?

I have several Docker-Swarm nodes with 1 to n service-Containers. How is external communication from those service-containers realized in Docker? I do have a mail-server which is on a different network than the swarm divided by a firewall. When I do wish to send mails via smtp using my mail-server which IP would I have […]

By le bernd
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Ocelot – The request path does not match the path filter 404 Error

I am having difficulties with Ocelot 16.0.1. Everything was working perfectly on docker. After one update, things went down to hill. Basically, Ocelot not able to find path requested even though it is exists in the target service. Startup.cs public Startup(IWebHostEnvironment env) { var builder = new Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.ConfigurationBuilder(); builder.SetBasePath(env.ContentRootPath) .AddJsonFile("appsettings.json") .AddJsonFile("configuration." + env.EnvironmentName + ".json", […]

By MonkeyDLuffy
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Spring Cloud Gateway – getting 405 Method not allowed

I have a problem where I am using Spring Cloud Gateway to reach my microservices. One of them is the user-service which has, among other things, an authentication endpoint. It is a POST endpoint, where the user simply sends his/her email and password. For service discovery, I am using Eureka. The problem I’m facing is […]

By Mihnea Bigu
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Running Edgex-UI-GO using docker-compose

Hey I am new to using EdgeX IoT hub. The issue I am facing is that I can add devices etc. using the api through postman on port 48081. I face a problem when trying to add devices etc. using the edgex-ui-go image. Are there any settings I have to change in my docker-compose gui […]

By Ansel D souza
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API Gateway with Python

I want to program my own Api gateway/broker which fetches incoming API requests from different users, requests them as the "active user" to my service in the backend and redirect the specific responses to the associated client. The broker acts as an asynchronous controller. Poorly I’m kinda clueless how to design the input/output of my […]

By moweigel
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Gateway ThingsBoard Configuration to HiveMQ MQTT broker

I need some help to make successful connection between ThingsBoard Gateway to MQTT broker HiveMQ Cloud. I have configured and run Gateway successfully by following the "Install ThingsBoard IoT Gateway using Docker" section in the documentation ( However, ThingsBoard does not recognize HiveMQ Cloud, the MQTT broker I am using to publish MQTT message from […]

By sonvt8
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How can I configure my docker-compose for connect my ‘app’ running in docker containner to my ‘database’ running in physical machine

version: ‘3’ services: my_app: build: ./api environments: – DB_HOST= #Physical IP database server Docker Engine Server IP: Source: Docker Questions

Running a Docker Container in IoT Gateway

Can we run a Docker container on embedded computers (Industrial PC) such as IoT Gateways. Specifically, those having Embedded Linux as their OS or Windows 10 IoT Core/Enterprise. Some examples of industrial PCs are following: Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Source: Docker Questions

By Muhammad Usman
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Separate gateways for docker containers for load balancing speedtest

I bought a TPLink load balancing router which I use to combine two internet connections. I tried to monitor their combined speed with the speedtest-tracker container, but it just randomly tests one of the two connections. I was wondering if it is possible to have two copies of the speed-testing container, but configuring each use […]

By lamcro
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Process behind gateway ports

Blockquote I deployed a mongodb in the default docker network bridge. Please recall that, the gateway of the bridge network is For more information, refer to Recently, I discovered that the mongodb receives a lot of slow queries from a process running behind How do I find out what process is running […]

By bjn
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