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Access dockerized Nginx

I have a react app dockerized along with Nginx ### First Stage ### FROM node:alpine AS builder WORKDIR /usr/src/app COPY ./package.json ./ COPY ./yarn.lock ./ RUN yarn install COPY . . RUN yarn build ### Second Stage ### FROM nginx:alpine ARG NGINXFILE COPY ${NGINXFILE} /etc/nginx/conf.d/nginx.conf COPY –from=builder /usr/src/app/build/ /usr/share/nginx/html EXPOSE 80 EXPOSE 443 and this […]

By Saeid
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Connecting to host from inside a docker container on linux requires opening firewall port

Background: I’m trying to have XDebug connect to my IDE from within a docker container (my php app is running inside a container on my development machine). On my Macbook, it has no issue doing this. However, on linux, I discovered that from within the container, the port I was using (9000) was not visibile […]

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Unable to reach my application from outside Docker container but everything works inside the container

I’m trying to run Rhino Compute in a docker container and facing a weird issue. I had built an image using the Dockerfile below and when I run it locally, there are no issues. # escape=` # see for troubleshooting # NOTE: use ‘process’ isolation to build image (otherwise rhino fails to install) ### […]

Linux containers: command to temporarily block local port?

From within a container, I’m trying to temporarily block access to a port in the same network. For example: services: cli: image: node:latest-alpine redis: image: redis:latest-alpine Inside cli, I want to temporarily block localhost:6379 (redis). I have tried the following: iptables-legacy -A OUTPUT -p tcp –dport 6379 -j DROP do something iptables-legacy -A OUTPUT -p […]

By labega
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Docker blocks incoming connections

I have deployed a simple Flask server in a docker container. The app accepts connections on port 7005 and I have exposed the port 7005 on docker. I can see the docker is actively blocking connections but I couldn’t figure out the reason. I have tried adding ACCEPT for DOCKER-USER chain for port 7005; changed […]

By vettipayyan
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Is it possible to route all macos connections through a docker container?

I’m currently looking to prototype a basic firewall for which I would need to route all mac os connections through a docker container that acts as a proxy to the public net? Ideally I would then be able to filter what goes through and what doesn’t directly in the docker process and at the application […]

By Justin Bareosi
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Configure wiki.js(open source) on AWS EC2 instance

I’ve deployed wiki.js on AWS EC2 instance using docker. With installation Command as follows : docker run -d -p 8080:3000 –name wiki –restart unless-stopped -e "DB_TYPE=mysql" -e "DB_HOST=" -e "DB_PORT=3306" -e "DB_USER=wikijs" -e "DB_PASS=wikijsrocks" -e "DB_NAME=wiki" requarks/wiki:2 I’ve referred wiki.js installation . DB container and wiki containers are running in the same instance, When I […]

By nidhi 007
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Docker: limit outgoing connections to the localhost only, while allowing all incoming connections

Some programs in my docker container are making unwanted requests to e.g. Google Analytics and other tracking software, sharing my information. I want to block all this traffic, while still being able to access the docker from outside. I tried adding the –network=host, this worked correctly, only allowing localhost access from inside the container, but […]

By Mark
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Change port number of docker service exposed publicly in jelastic

I want to provide a custom sftp service on port 22 using the jelastic cloud platform. The sftp service is implemented as a docker container running on a jelastic docker host. The issue is that the container also runs a native ssh on port 22 (to access the container) and I want the custom service, […]

By Timo Pr scholdt
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Docker build failing after iptable rules where added

I am trying to run a project on my server instance with docker. Docker by default ignores the firewall rules described here. I created 3 new rules: iptables -I DOCKER-USER -i venet0 -j DROP iptables -I DOCKER-USER -i venet0 -p tcp –dport 80 -j ACCEPT iptables -I DOCKER-USER -i venet0 -p tcp –dport 443 -j […]

By user2887278
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