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Exporting/importing a Docker container failure under Windows

I must transfer a Docker Container (or its Image) running on Debian from one Windows server to another (the second one is not connected to the Internet, I cannot rebuild it in situ), and it fails. When trying to use the docker save command on the source server to export the Image, there is an […]

By B Bram
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Exporting a docker-compose container

I used docker-compose to create an app that is composed by three images. I would like to understand now how can I export this app with the all services included. Just for clarification the containers and images are the following: container ls -a CONTAINER ID IMAGE 82522c850e9c docker-app_client 7c796b6629bb docker-app_server 66c84b58da2b mongo docker images docker-mice-tracking-app_server […]

By ceradini
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Issue using impdp in oracle db

I have an licensed Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release – Version Furthermore I have another Oracle DB in a docker container that has been created as described in DockerFiles, whihc is 18.4.0 xe. I want to transfer the schema/data from 19c to 18.4xe. I have used the following command to export the […]

By Symeon Mattes
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Prometheus recording rule not showing up when querying, with the help of Docker

I am new to Prometheus and just finished writing a custom exporter in Python that successfully creates query-able metrics that Docker connects to Prometheus. Now I’m trying to create a recording rule with the following file rules.rules (also has a default alert rule a coworker showed me): – name: Standard rules rules: – alert: InstanceDown […]

Docker: save – produces no output

Fairly new to using Docker.. I pulled an image for Oracle 11g Full. Created a DB and installed an application into the container. Once configured correctly, I committed the container which resulted in a 15GB image. Tested a new container of that image, everything works fine, Oracle services etc. startup automatically and then I just […]

By Chris Finlayson
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