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How to get download a sql dump from docker MYSQL container from terminal

How to get download a SQL dump from docker MYSQL container from terminal Version: mysql:5.7 I need to download a SQL dump, from the docker container. The database is available inside the docker container. Source: Docker Questions

By Plutus
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PostrgeSQL pg_dumpall in a docker environment

im trying to make a dump of all tables and schemes of an postgres docker container with the following command: docker exec -i 3d7de2fb2d7a -u admin pg_dumpall > dumptest.sql this creates a dumptest.sql file which should contain everything. The restore process looks like this:+ cat .dumptest_neu.sql | docker exec -i bec713662fb6 psql -U admin The […]

By Nico
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How to create mysql dump of docker image from java level?

I need to create backup of docker database from java level. It should be possible using I need to run this command: docker exec config_mysql_1 /usr/bin/mysqldump -u root –password=root SERVER > backup.sql I tried sth like this: DockerClient dockerClient = DockerClientBuilder.getInstance().build(); Container container = dockerClient.listContainersCmd() .withNameFilter(Collections.singleton("mysql_1")).exec().get(0); ExecCreateCmdResponse execCreateCmdResponse = dockerClient.execCreateCmd(container.getId()) .withCmd("/usr/bin/mysqldump", "-u", "root", "–password=root", […]

By Pawe Pamu a
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Cron jobs show but are not executed in dockerized Django app

I have "django_crontab" in my installed apps. I have a cron job configured CRONJOBS = [ (‘* * * * *’, ‘’,[‘dbbackup’]), ] my YAML looks like this: web: build: . command: – /bin/bash – -c – | python migrate python crontab add python runserver build + up then I open […]

By Vincent Roye
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Docker – There’s no dump.rdb in /var/lib/redis even after running redis-cli SAVE or BGSAVE

I’m running an ubuntu image in docker and i installed redis a service Here’s how i start redis in the Dockerfile: CMD redis-server –daemonize yes && /bin/bash now whenever i make changes to the database and run redis-cli SAVE or redis-cli BGSAVE i expect to find a dump.rdb file generated in /var/lib/redis but that doesn’t […]

By Alya Gomaa
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Why Elasticsearch-dump throw Pipeline failed error when import data from json file into ES

I’ve successfully exported data from ES into json.gz files, but the Elasticsearch-dump throw Pipeline failed error when import data from json file into ES。 How can I solve this problem? In addition, the messages is so short, is there any way to show more detail error messages? any answer will be appreciated. the error msg: […]

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Docker Wikibase Import Issue

So I installed a Docker Wikibase instance and imported a dump from a WAMP64 Wikibase instance. It imported correctly and everything seems to work, except I can’t create new items or properties anymore and I always get a "Could not create a new page. It already exists." error. Any ideas on how to diagnose or […]

By user3684314
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Unable to run SQL script from command line

I tend to reinstall an API locally for development and testing purpose, and I wish to script the commands. Therefore, I try to replace the step where I run the SQL script through MySQL Workbench > Run SQL Script… > DumpFile.sql by its equivalent command line. Here’s what I’ve got so far : docker-compose build […]

By A Mehmeto
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Docker Logs not Readable

When I dump the docker log of the container using the below command docker logs containername > containername.log The output generated for the file in not legible to read and comprehend – No Date for log is mentioned – Unknown escape characters are added I am not sure if I need to dump the logs […]

By Shubhanshu Rastogi
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How to dump sql in docker for symfony doctrine

I moved to docker for my development environment. I am using symfony 2.8.49,mysql in docker. Before I move to docker, I was able to see only necessary dump with this code. It wasn’t dumping the whole database sql queries. It was just dumping the new entities or features like new columns. (which is not existing […]

By Macsi
Categorised as docker, dump, mysql, php, symfony

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