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Helm Install from DockerHub image – DockerHub Image download fails

When running the following command: helm upgrade –cleanup-on-fail — install $releaseName $dockerHubName/$dockerHubRepo:$tag — namespace $namespace — create-namespace — values config.yaml I get the following error: Error: Failed to download "$dockerHubName/$dockerHubRepo" I’ve also tried with different tags, with semantic versioning (tag="1.0.0") and there’s a image with the tag "latest" on the DockerHub repo (which is Public) […]

Standard guidelines for Dockerhub description field

I created a Dockerfile on Github that I build and share on DockerHub. That being said, I am not sure to know what are the guidelines for writing the description field. What are standard practices concerning the documentation of a container? Source: Docker Questions

By Arnaud Becheler
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How Does Docker Hub Registry Work in Software Development Teams?

I am working with an image called tensort built using my local docker daemon. This is the command I am using to push the image. docker push della/tensort:latest But how does it work in devops teams of a few developers, if someone wants to work with others’ image? How does the image name (della/tensort:latest in […]

nginx:stable docker hub image with CVE-2021-33574

AWS ECR indicates that nginx:stable is vulnerable for CVE-2021-33574 (glibc:2.31-13+deb11u2) The mq_notify function in the GNU C Library (aka glibc) versions 2.32 and 2.33 has a use-after-free. It may use the notification thread attributes object (passed through its struct sigevent parameter) after it has been freed by the caller, leading to a denial of service […]

By Casper
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GitHub Actions denied access to Docker Hub

I have tried to set up CI/CD by using GitHub Actions, but got denied access while pushing image on every push to my repository. Results in actions Pin .yml file to carefully check: name: Publish Docker image on: [push, pull_request] jobs: push_to_registry: name: Push Docker image to Docker Hub runs-on: ubuntu-latest steps: – name: Check […]

By Tiove
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How to build an Docker image with GitHub actions using uncommited local certificate files

I have set up a GitHub actions workflow, where when I push code to a branch in my repo, GitHub actions help me build an image of that repo and push it to Docker Hub, which work fine. The thing is that I now have certificate-files that I want to keep locally (i.e. not push […]

By Jhnsbrst
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hub.docker vs hub-stage.docker

I am trying docker hub to enable deploy images to docker hub. I signup with, but while I try to configure github actions to use docker/login-action, it promotes invalid username and password. If I tried to log in with, the username or password will also invalid. I am just confused what’s the difference […]

By Edward
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Issue with : standard_init_linux.go:228: exec user process caused: no such file or directory

I wanted to test the scratch Docker image to run a simple binary, but seems that it does not work FROM gcc:4.9 AS build COPY . /usr/src/myapp WORKDIR /usr/src/myapp RUN gcc -o hello main.c CMD ["./hello"] FROM scratch WORKDIR / COPY –from=build /usr/src/myapp/hello . CMD ["/hello"] main.c: #include <stdio.h> int main() { // printf() displays […]

By user3581925
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Unable to use a private image from dockerhub in bitbucket pipelines

I have been unable to use my private image which has been successfully pushed to docker hub in my bitbucket pipelines. The build step fails without giving a specific error log. image: name: reponame/imagename username: $DOCKER_HUB_USERNAME password: $DOCKER_HUB_PASSWORD email: $DOCKER_HUB_EMAIL pipelines: default: – step: name: Code linting test script: – echo "Working" where in the […]

By Karen
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Failed to pull public image from dockerhub in Kubernetes

I have created a yaml file which tries to pull a public image from dockerhub. More specifically, I am trying to pull minio client from here: apiVersion: batch/v1 kind: Job metadata: name: minio-admin-create-bucket namespace: minio labels: app: minio spec: completions: 1 template: spec: containers: – name: minio-admin image: minio/mc env: – name: MINIO_ACCESS_POINT value: […]

By e7lT2P
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