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Is it possible to split a layer of an existing docker image?

Part of creating a docker image includes running a product install. This product install creates a thick layer of over 10GB. Having such a thick layer creates challenges when pushing the image to the repository. Is there a way to break down an existing image layer into multiples? More specifically, expand the layer on the […]

By user1015767
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Minikube "icacls failed applying permissions "

suddently, this error message started appearing when starting minikube: * Creating docker container (CPUs=2, Memory=4000MB) …/ E0124 18:28:01.039963 8724 kic.go:267] icacls failed applying permissions – err – [%!s(<nil>)], output – [file elaborato: C:Usersuser.minikubemachinesminikubeid_rsa Elaborazione completata per 1 file. Elaborazione non riuscita per 0 file] It’s strange because it gives an error, but also sais that […]

By gijoyah
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Questions during setup in Docker build freeze the build process

Issue I am trying to install some drivers on a Docker image. During the procedure, one of the installation asks me for some input from command line. This obviously freezes the procedure. How can I solve this? How to reproduce the issue Start a shell in the base image: docker run -it Run the […]

By user1315621
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Cross-compiling Bazel Docker Rust image on MacOS to Linux: C++ toolchain not found

I am trying to cross-compile my Bazel Docker Rust image on MacOS to Linux. Unfortunately, I keep getting an error that the C++ toolchain cannot be found. While resolving toolchains for target //service1:service1: No matching toolchains found for types @bazel_tools//tools/cpp:toolchain_type. Maybe –incompatible_use_cc_configure_from_rules_cc has been flipped and there is no default C++ toolchain added in the […]

By nickdecooman
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Retrieving a CI variable from Gitlab project and use it within Dockerfile

I have a CI variable that I would like to use within my docker file. I have tried to include it such as ENV TESTING_UNIT=$TESTING_ID Source: Docker Questions

Haproxy and HTTPS

Hey guys i have my first project at my first job ever it’s about dockerinzing a NodeJs app and running it locally, i did the dockerinzing and it runs on HTTP , but i don’t know how to run in on HTTPS and as a note i must use ‘DOCKER’ and ‘Terminal’ to do this […]

By Walid99
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Unable to install python3.7 on ubuntu 16.04

Following from this, I am trying to install like so (in docker, but also same error directly on host): RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y software-properties-common && add-apt-repository -y ppa:deadsnakes/ppa && apt-get update && apt install -y python3.7 I am getting E: Unable to locate package python3.7 E: Couldn’t find any package by glob […]

By Gulzar
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EACCES: permission denied, scandir ‘/root/.npm/_logs’ error after NodeJS Upgrade

I upgraded one of my NodeJS services from 12 to 16 and then I started to get this error on Travis build. glob error [Error: EACCES: permission denied, scandir ‘/root/.npm/_logs’] { errno: -13, code: ‘EACCES’, syscall: ‘scandir’, path: ‘/root/.npm/_logs’ } My .travis.yml file looks like that: language: node_js node_js: – 16 services: – docker cache: […]

By sbb
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Errno 110 Connection timed out from Airflow to SFTP

I’m trying to connect to SFTP server from Airflow using Docker, but I’m obtaining the error [Errno 110] Connection timed out. Directly from my Mac I’m able to connect it, but from my Airflow executed by a docker-compose I can’t. I had to add a new port mapping to my docker-compose "2222:22" because I had […]

By Eric Bellet
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Docker Swarm, can I get all hostnames from within one of the containers?

I am using docker swarm to launch 4 replicas and was trying to get the hostnames of all the machines from within one of the containers. docker service create –name web-service –replicas 4 –network overlay-network -p 8080:8080 test-image:latest I know I can get the hostnames on the host machine by running docker ps but I […]

By Rocco
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