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Run GOLANG in Docker image FROM Terraform

My understanding is that the Terraform Docker image is from a Go (Golang) base image. I’m trying to build my own image using the Terraform image as a base, so I can run some custom Go commands before running my Terraform. However when I try to run Go it is not found. FROM hashicorp/terraform:1.1.3 WORKDIR […]

By gingerbreadboy
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Docker Compose Solr authentication: No authentication configured

I am having issues adding auth to Solr in a Docker container. I have tried copying the security.json file to the Solr container’s $SOLR_HOME folder. But it’s returning a response at http://localhost:8983/solr/admin/authentication: { "responseHeader":{ "status":0, "QTime":0}, "errorMessages":["No authentication configured"]} security.json: { "authentication":{ "blockUnknown": true, "class":"solr.BasicAuthPlugin", "credentials":{"solr":"IV0EHq1OnNrj6gvRCwvFwTrZ1+z1oBbnQdiVC3otuq0= Ndd7LKvVBAaZIF0QAVi1ekCfAJXr1GGfLtRUXhgrF8c="}, "realm":"My Solr users", "forwardCredentials": false }, "authorization":{ "class":"solr.RuleBasedAuthorizationPlugin", […]

By designtocode
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How do I create a named database when using mongodb in a container?

I spun up a container using docker-compose using a dev.env file which had MONGO_INITDB_ROOT_USERNAME, MONGO_INITDB_ROOT_PASSWORD and MONGO_INITDB_DATABASE in it. database: image: mongo:5.0.5 ports: – 27017:27017 env_file: – ./server/dbconfig/dev.env Say I want the name of the database to be dbTest, it’s test by default. I thought this would have been as simple as setting MONGO_INITDB_DATABASE=dbTest and […]

By paracetamol
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Tailiwind fail to build on Jekyll website with no error

I’m having a static website build on Jekyll and I’m trying to integrate Tailwing in it. I’m running everything on Docker so this is my setup // Jekyll website _includes — head.html _layouts — default.html _sass — tw.css css — styles.css index.html package-lock.json package.json // package.json "scripts": { "test": "echo "Error: no test specified" && […]

By ltdev
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How to correctly install NumPy in Docker container running on a Raspberry Pi?

I am trying to host a simple Dash app on a Raspberry Pi in a Docker environment. The app runs as expected locally, but when building for ARMv6 and pulling the image, I get the following error (shortened for brevity): ImportError: Unable to import required dependencies: numpy: […] Original error was: No module named ‘numpy.core._multiarray_umath’ […]

By William H
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`NGINX` reverse proxy does not work in `DOKCER` (502 bad gateway)

I have a VPS, my problem is that proxy_pass does not work, I get the 502 badgateway([error] 23#23: *1 connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream,) I saw similar questions but each case is different, please help me if you can. The following is my configs: NGINX (default.conf) server { listen 80 default_server; […]

How to use local key file for Docker?

everyone. I am using Docker on windows and met such a problem. RUN apt-key adv –keyserver hkp:// –recv-keys 467B942D3A79BD29 When running this, timeout error occurs. I found out that we can use local keys. I got public key from hkp://, copy it and created mysql.pgp file. But this problem occurs again when running this command. […]

By sirius9515
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kafka in Docer is not allowing me to connect via localhost

I am writing in a weird error when trying to connect to my Kafka. It is running within a docker container. Under docker ps: 1f95e13436a7 bitnami/kafka:latest "/opt/bitnami/script…" 12 minutes ago Up 5 minutes>9092/tcp, :::9092->9092/tcp kafka I thought I could then do this (from my local host): –list –bootstrap-server localhost:9092 But this command gives […]

By Vince Yau
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how to copy files from one docker service to another, inside of docker bash

I am trying to copy a file from one docker-compose service to another while in the service’s bash environment, but I cannot seem to figure out how to do it. Can anybody provide me with an idea? Here is the command I am attempting to run: (docker cp ../db_backups/latest.sqlc pgadmin_1:/var/lib/pgadmin/storage/mine/) The error is simply: bash: […]

By ViaTech
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Gitlab pipeline, kubernetes runner – How to configure

I have problem with running docker in kubernetes runner. I’ve installed kubernetes runner with helm and set privileged mode to true runners: config: | [[runners]] [runners.kubernetes] namespace = "{{.Release.Namespace}}" image = "ubuntu:20.04" privileged = true allow_privilege_escalation = true I’ve created simple .gitlab-ci.yaml for test stages: – docker_test services: – docker:dind docker_test: stage: docker_test image: docker:latest […]

By nicram
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