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What are the options we have for docker in MacOS other than docker desktop

I want to have docker in my Macbook but i can not use Docekr Desktop because of licensing cost. Any alternatives? Thanks in Advance Source: Docker Questions

By ankit
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Where is docker registry:2 storing images on host

I am aware that you can use curl <registry name>:5009/v2/_catalog to list images. From this: Is is stated "By default, the registry stores its data on the local filesystem", but where is that. -I am running Docker For Mac? I just want an easy way to delete local images, and maybe it is a […]

By Chris G
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inotify on docker mounted volumes (Mac / Linux)

I have been searching for a few hours and can’t seem to find the most current answer to this problem Problem: Apparently VirtualBox is being used by Docker on MacOS and it does not want to pass file notifications from the Host OS to the container. As a result, inotifywait will only notify file activity […]

By OSUDamian
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Request from a python to a gcs emulator in the docker-compose bridge network in docker for mac

I’m trying to make a request from a python application to a gcs emulator in the docker-compose bridge network in docker for mac. When I tried, I found out that somehow the gcs client library is trying to make a request to the gcs emulator using IPv6 and failing because IPv6 is not supported by […]

Internal service ip address is accessible from docker host, but not from docker container

There’s some internal service ip address which is accessible from docker host (MAC). This was verified using ping. However the same ip address is not accessible from docker container run on docker host using: docker run -d image I tried to run container with –network host, however the ip is still not reachable. How to […]

how to inject host config file to the container in docker for mac preview environment?

I am using docker environment which is a preview feature of docker for mac. I’m trying to mount the host’s kube config file to the .kube directory in the dev container. So I wrote a host path volume mount as shown below version: "3.9" services: devcontainer: build: . tty: true volumes: – ./devcontainer/kube:/.kube And when […]

docker env issue with .htacess (lamp)

I have finished setting up an image for LAMP, everything seems to work fine but for some reason, my routes are not working due to an issue with my .htacess I keep getting a 500 Internal Server Error but when I delete all the content from my .htaccess it does shows my homepage. my Apache […]

By Fidel Castro
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How to fix ‘Hash Sum Mismatch’ in Docker on mac

I’m using macOS 11.4 and Docker 3.3.3. My docker file looks like FROM python:3.8.10-slim-buster RUN apt-get update && apt-get install –no-install-recommends -y # dependencies for building Python packages build-essential # psycopg2 dependencies libpq-dev I have tried for different tags of Docker images by Python and have tried to create the image with –no-cache command as […]

how to open ports on docker for desktop kubernetes node "docker-desktop"

I am running docker for desktop on Apple m1(kind is not yet working on m1). Question: Using KinD you can configure the K8s node to expose ports – how can you do that using Docker for desktop(in my case for mac) KinD example: kind: Cluster apiVersion: nodes: – role: control-plane extraPortMappings: ## expose port […]

By Chris G
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How to expose local machine running Kubernetes and Istio ingress

I have a machine on a local network, that I have exposed to the Internet via port forwarding in the router. Now how can I expose the serving machine running Kubernetes on docker for mac? Is it something like: kubectl port-forward -n istio-system Or preferable Using Istio Ingress – some how? Normally the LoadBalancer is […]

By Chris G
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