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System.InvalidOperationException: Failed to deploy distro docker-desktop

I am getting below issue each time I start up docker desktop in my system, to resolve this issue, I have reinstalled each time. There must be other way to solve this, what is the root cause for this issue and how to resolve the same ? System.InvalidOperationException: Failed to deploy distro docker-desktop to C:UsersGanesh.ByaleAppDataLocalDockerwsldistro: […]

By Ganesh
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How can i use testcontainer in mac os with out Docker Desktop?

Today, i heard new that the docker desktop will be not free. so, our team has conclusion to delete docker desktop and use minikube. then, we can use docker cli, but,, when we use testContainer in java project(We use intellij) the testContainer not work because of docker. how can we solve this problem? Can’t get […]

Docker desktop how to create new k8s cluster context

I have Docker Desktop and I want to create multiple clusters so I can work on different projects. For example cluster name 1: hello and cluster name 2: world. I currently have one cluster with the context of docker-desktop that actually working. Source: Docker Questions

By Raz Buchnik
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ubuntu wslregisterdistribution failed with error: 0x80041002

Thanks in advance, I’ve researched exhaustively and cannot fix this issue after 5 days. I am attempting to install Ubuntu as a Windows distro on top of WSL-2 Kernel. Here are the steps I take: I download the Linux Kernel Update package from this URL ->—download-the-linux-kernel-update-package I turn on Windows features "Windows subsystem for […]

.dockerignore issue when docker build

I have an issue when upgrading Dockerdesktop to 4.3.x. but it’s not happened on 2.x.x version. Did anyone face this issue? Docker Image name And Tag: docker image build -t -f D:DockerFile D:publish ##[error]#2 [internal] load .dockerignore then it breaks my progress Source: Docker Questions

By Secret Discovery
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Connection Error with docker postgres using network=host

Problem I’m unable to connect to a PostgreSQL database (14.1/latest) running in a docker image on my laptop. I’m trying to connect to the database both with .NET EntityFrameworkCore/Npgsql running in another container on the laptop, and with psql running directly on the laptop. Environment MacOS 10.15.7 Docker Desktop 4.3.2 (72729) Recreate I start my […]

By Ben
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Specifying the Kubernetes version in Docker Desktop for Mac

It looks like Docker Desktop for Mac is using a 1.22+ version of Kubernetes which introduces a number of breaking changes specifically to the ingress-nginx controller apiVersion. This is causing issues with our local development cluster. There are couple options: Rolling back the Kubernetes version to something <1.22 in the development cluster. Updating ingress-nginx and […]

By cjones
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How to route some request to local host in docker

I use docker desktop for Mac, some services inside docker containers want to access some url like I want any request like this to be routed to local host, please note that I do not want to use host.docker.internal. I want to send a request exactly in this format because in local host […]

By Tashkhisi
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Docker failed to initialize | Docker Desktop is shutting down

I am facing an issue with Docker for Windows application. This is happening after updating to newer version of 4.3.2. Previous version was running without any issues. After downloading and updating to new version, whenever I launch Docker Desktop I get error message " Docker failed to initialize. Docker Desktop is shutting down. ". I […]

Docker Image "in use" What does it really mean?

I have attach the screenshot of Docker Software showing Images Available. What does the IN USE mean? Screenshot Source: Docker Questions

By Asif Sahaa
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