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how to run command in docker using a script outside thecontainer

in my .mk file I have done as following .PHONY : Test Test: @echo Starting Docker container docker container start XXX; docker exec -it XXX bash cd ../G/T/P /home/CO/CO_ANAlysis/bin/c-build –dir results–encoding UTF-8 make and then I want to execute that it execute the first two docker container start XXX; and docker exec -it XXX bash […]

By user3122648
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is it possible to get to the logs of the container while inside a docker container?

my project is running inside a docker container – web_container and I need to get a way to get web_container‘s logs through the project i tried running the command docker logs web_container >> file.log;, but as I understand it, the command is not recognized inside the docker container is there any way to get the […]

By dev beginer
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Docker-compose Is the server running on host "db-server" (1xx.x.x.3) and accepting TCP/IP connections on port 5432?

I am running into issue an issue connecting to database (postgres, db-server service as mentioned below) running in a container, and I am trying to access database from the other service ( crawler). Looks like it got the ip address right (I am using hostname as db-server) but, its not able to connect to the […]

Docker Microservice architecture – multiple postgres databases

I am planning a little project containing two different REST services and one frontend service. For the two backend services I want to store data in a database. My question is: What would be the best-practice concerning the setup for the database docker containers? Split the two databases into two different docker containers or instead […]

Is there a way to retry restarting a docker container if its port binding fails?

I am trying to find a way so that a container with host port binding will restart if port mapping fails, just like it does based on healthchecks. I am using docker-compose to manage multiple docker containers in the same docker network. One of them needs to map a port range with the host. However, […]

Docker-compose wait for another container

I am here in the docker world and I am trying to connect 2 dockers toughener. The docker X and docker Y. The problem is that one of them is a database and I need to wait till is fully loaded because I will try any operations on it. What I’ve tried so far and […]

How to check docker container logs real-time update in terminal?

I have a docker container running with detach mode (-d) flag. This container running application which is updating some output/logs in the terminal. I want to see those output from the container in real-time in the terminal. Is there any way possible to see the docker logs in terminal at real-time update from the application? […]

By Shanu Dey
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Regarding binary accessibility in a Docker container

There’s a git repo that I need to work with, but unfortunately, due to some kind of architecture incompatibility of the code with my hardware (I have one of the newer arm64 Macs), I have been unable to run the code properly using my native python (or even the Anaconda one, for that matter). I […]

openvpn client in docker with centos and mikrotik server

I owned a openvpn server in mikrotik i want to setup open vpn client in docker over centos So that I can access the database on the server centos Please guide me on how to establish a connection between the Docker as an ؤمهثىف To connect to a server openVPN mikrotik Thank you for helping […]

How to prevent conflict between two separate docker-compose

I have two separate projects in two separate folders. when I run one of them, the second one cannot run because of conflict between ports. The problem is for ElasticSearch image. Followings are two docker-compose files: # /home/foder_1/ version: ‘3’ services: elasticsearch_ci: image: elasticsearch:7.14.2 restart: always expose: – 9200 environment: – discovery.type=single-node – env_file: […]

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