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Parse-server on docker, using https

I wanted to know what is the right way to access parse-server over https using mobile app with the Parse-SDK-iOS-OSX. My server (including MongoDB and dashboard) is currently hosted on a docker container on DSM (Synology NAS DS220+). For now I access it over http on port 1337, for development purposes only. So what is […]

Former docer cloud now enterprise edition?

don’t know if this is a question suitable for Stackoverflow, but here it is: I am quite new to docker. But in some resources I see people using Docker Cloud, and it looks very easy and awesome. I saw a press release by docker stating that everything is now included in Docker Hub to create […]

By Xen mar
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Docker – What is proper way to rebuild and push updated image to docker cloud?

What I’m currently doing: Dockerfile: FROM python:3.5.1 ENV PYTHONUNBUFFERED 1 RUN mkdir /www WORKDIR /www ADD deps.txt /www/ RUN pip3 install -r deps.txt ADD . /www/ RUN chmod 0755 /www/ Build command: docker build -t my-djnago-app:latest . Tagging: docker tag my-djnago-app:latest lolorama/my-djnago-app-img:latest Pushing: docker push lolorama/my-djnago-app-img:latest After following these steps, the repository image still hasn’t […]

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