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Docker : how to (reverse) forward port to allow access to the host’s localhost:PORT?

I want to enable a docker VM to connect to a port on the localhost of the host starting docker on windows. docker proposes port forwarding but IMHO only to expose a docker’s VM port to the host running the VM. It’s also possible to map a hostname to an IP address when starting docker, […]

How to configure MobXterm to get display of Docker GUI app on windows 10?

How to configure MobXterm X server to get display of Docker GUI interactive app on windows 10? Source: Docker Questions

By Parasharbhatt
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Suppressing display in docker

I have a docker image with a medical data analysis app installed in it. The app works from both gui and console. Normally, in my linux, I run the app from the terminal as ./dsi_studio –action=trk … and it works quite smoothly. If you click on this app, it’ll try to open a GUI. While […]

By cross-entropy
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