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How can we run flyway/migrations script inside Cassandra Dockerfile?

My docker file FROM cassandra:4.0 MAINTAINER me EXPOSE 9042 I want to run something like when cassandra image is fetched and super user is made inside container. create keyspace IF NOT EXISTS XYZ WITH REPLICATION = { ‘class’ : ‘SimpleStrategy’, ‘replication_factor’ : 1 }; Any ideas please help. Thanks . Source: Docker Questions

By Ankush Virmani
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COPY command in cassandar in docker return error;Failed to import 0 rows: IOError – Can’t open ‘fma_dataset.csv’ for r eading: no matching file found

I want import data from csv to keyspace in cassandra in docker. So I use this command step by step: docker run –name my-cassandra –network some-network -d cassandra:latest docker cp fma_dataset.csv my-cassandra:fma_dataset.csv docker run -it –network some-network –rm cassandra cqlsh my-cassandra CREATE KEYSPACE fma WITH replication = {‘class’: ‘SimpleStrategy’, ‘replication_factor’ : 1}; CREATE TABLE fma_test […]

By Ali Hosein pour
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Cassandra’s cqlsh not able to connect to any servers: Last error: [SSL] internal error (_ssl.c:727)")

Out of sudden previously working docker deployed cluster stopped accepting any connections: cqlsh –debug –ssl -u <username> -p <username> … Using CQL driver: <module ‘cassandra’ from ‘/opt/cassandra/bin/../lib/’> Using connect timeout: 300 seconds Using ‘utf-8’ encoding Using ssl: True Connection error: (‘Unable to connect to any servers’, {‘172.X.X.X’: error(1, u"Tried connecting to [(‘172.X.X.X’, 9042)]. Last error: […]

By Andremoniy
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How can I execute shell commands to run a Cassandra which sits inside a docker?

I’m trying to use node, rather than writing an .sh file, to go into a Cassandra docker, and then run commands on the Cassandra shell line. However, I have not been able to shell into the Cassandra docker w/ my Javascript code. My code is: const childProc = require(‘child_process’); console.log(process.cwd()); //to go from the folder […]

By Jerry
Categorised as cassandra, cqlsh, docker, intuit-wasabi, tty

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