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How to calculate the k8s-infrastructure overhead on a linux server

I’ve an ubuntu server with 8GB RAM and 16 Cores in it and my application is running on it smoothly so far. Later, my team decided to containerize the application, hence we installed, Docker, Kubeadm, Kubelet Prometheus stack and some k8s plugins. on that server and formed a k8s cluster with a similar another server […]

By surya
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Setting CPU and Memory limits globally for all docker containers

There are many examples which talks about setting memory, cpu etc using docker run. Is it possible to set it globally so every container created with those values? Source: Docker Questions

By Naveen Chandra Sekhara
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Do Multiple Python Programs Use Different Cpu Cores?

I have a question regarding Python and load balancing. Consider a virtual machine with 16 virtual cpu cores and single Python Rest-Service wrapped in Docker. I suppose it only is going to use one virtual core instead of the 16 when run. Now consider 8 duplicates of the Python Rest-Service run in a docker compose […]

Windows 10 breaks after enabling SVM virtualization

I was trying to set up Docker on my PC but when I started it by the shortcut, it asked me to enable virtualization in BIOS. So I did that, enabled SVM in CPU configurations. My problem is that after the OS starts, the screen gets blinking (actually the screen is only displaying like once […]

By DemonFace
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what’s the difference between CpuCound vs NanoCpus for a docker container? How to set CpuCount?

When one inspects a docker container, they’ll find the following fields, regarding CPU Limits: >docker inspect my_container | grep Cpu "CpuShares": 0, "NanoCpus": 4000000000, "CpuPeriod": 0, "CpuQuota": 0, "CpuRealtimePeriod": 0, "CpuRealtimeRuntime": 0, "CpusetCpus": "", "CpusetMems": "", "CpuCount": 0, "CpuPercent": 0, 1 – I am wondering what exactly is the difference between CpuCount and NanoCpus? Which […]

By gai-jin
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Dealing with increased resources needs for a developper

Lately with my coworkers, a discussion keeps on coming back. Some context elements : Our company has adopted a few years back all those tools supposed to make our life as developper better. At first, this was great : independance you’re getting from servers is great : we had our own oracle database to play […]

By cmz
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What does AWS ECS Task size (cpu & memory) mean?

I’m confused about how my ECS Task can run a docker image that is 1.5GB in size (value I see in ECR) with the ECS Task size being 0.5GB? Any help on clarification on how Task size cpu & memory are related to the actual execution of the app would be helpful! Source: Docker Questions

Is there a correlation between docker and host cpu?

I’m trying to do a performance test with a spring web application. The web application was run locally, and the load tool and db were run on the host. However, during the performance test, an error stating that the web request could not be received suddenly occurred. The JVM’s cpu was not consumed even by […]

By paiwmsn
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How to limit CPU utilization caused by docker commands in python

I am writting a python program (not container) that controls docker containers using docker commands wrapped with a python subprocess so that I can manipulate containers programatically. One thing I noticed is that the CPU usage reaches 100% when I make a call to subprocess.Popen(["docker", "save", "-o", "image_file.tar", image_id] to save a docker image. As […]

By D Wang
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Why request-response latency increases when multi-thread request?

I tested my BERT(Classification) model in Tensorflow Docker serving The below is my test environment I have 40-core server(alias A, for request), 16-core server(alias B, for response) I send 1~4 requests concurrently from A to B –tensorflow_inter_op_parallelism=6 is fixed at B –tensorflow_intra_op_parallelism is tested from 1 to 6 at B I got the result : […]

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