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Git Actions – cache pulled docker image without building on actions

I am trying to implement docker container based CI runner for building embedded software on git actions platform which pulls docker image from docker hub and performs the action in it. However, runner can’t retain the pulled docker image in subsequent trigger events, I tried to look up how to use caching feature to cache […]

Terraform recreate Kubernetes deployment when docker images tag updates

I have different git repos for microservice A,B,C. Also one git repo where the terraform config is stored. When one microservice’s code changes a pipeline is triggered and the docker image is published to the google cloud artifact registry. I then manually run terraform apply. My terraform files specify a kubernetes deployment for each service. […]

Jenkins CI/CD how to stop running container and start the new pushed one

I am building a simple Jenkins pipeline, but when I push the deployment from git is said that the port is already used and I need to stop the running one. I can’t get the container ID stage(“Deploy “) { steps{ script { def dockerCmd = ‘sudo docker run -p 8080:8080 -d –init biloocabba/kncare-app:1.0’ sshagent([‘ec2-server-key’]) […]

Docker bind mount is empty inside a containerized TeamCity build agent with DOCKER_IN_DOCKER enabled

I’m running containerized build agents using the linux-sudo image tag and, using a Dockerfile (here) I have successfully customized it to suit our needs. This is running very well and successfully running the builds I need it to. I am running it in a Swarm cluster with a docker-compose file (here), and I have recently […]

Install package from private registry using Yarn in Docker

I try to install packages from a private registry using yarn in a docker image, so we reuse this image in other pipelines. When I use npm everything works fine, but as soon I use yarn i get 404’s. Using NPM it is working fine: RUN npm config set @my-scope:registry && npm config set […]

how to clone without root on gitlab-runner docker

I’m trying to create a ci pipeline for my code. I have registered a runner with docker executor in my machine. I noticed it is cloning the repository with root privileges inside the docker container $ ls -l total 4 drwxrwxrwx 4 root root 4096 Jan 3 18:02 my-repo Thus, to build the content on […]

optimise the build time for Jenkins tests

I have multiple projects which implements CI/CD through Gerrit and Jenkins. There are set of tests which are performed. When code is committed Jenkins tries to build the environment by pulling docker image(it is same for every project) and install dependencies (This takes a lot of time). Is there a way to save the environments […]

bwrap: Creating new namespace failed: Operation not permitted on Install GIMP with flatpack on Docker

I need to create a docker container with GIMP in headless mode to test my plugins automatically. I make that container: FROM python:3.8 RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y flatpak RUN flatpak remote-add –user –if-not-exists flathub RUN flatpak install -y –user CMD flatpak run –command=bash org.gimp.GIMP//beta But when install Gimp I find […]

Build Docker image but don’t save?

We’re using Docker to release our server to our different environments, but we’re also using Docker to build our server in a multi-stage docker build. When we’re just building a PR, there is no point to have docker create an image and clutter our build server with non-pushed docker images. Is there a way to […]

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Proxy problems with Maven only in CI pipeline

I’m currently reworking my team’s CI/CD and I’ve stumbled onto something I’m trying to repair and have no idea where to go from here. To be more precise: I’m having proxy problems with Maven running in docker container in our CI. Maven with exactly same settings.xml located in ~/.m2/settings.xml running on the container from the […]

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