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Docker HaProxy behind Cloudflare exposes server ip by 443 port (SSL)

So, i have an ubuntu server where i run haproxy in docker behind cloudflare to handle my domaines with using their certificate. My problem is when i start haproxy the port 443 which is responsible for the https-ssl expose my server ip. My haproxy docker-compose.yml looks like this: version: ‘3.5’ services: haproxy: image: haproxy:2.3.10 container_name: […]

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Unable to connect to port 53589 on EC2 instance using Docker and Caddy server

What I’m trying to do Host a Taskwarrior Server on an AWS EC2 instance, and connect to it via a subdomain (e.g. Taskwarrior server operates on port 53589. Tech involved AWS EC2: the server (Ubuntu) Caddy Server: for creating a reverse proxy for each app on the EC2 instance Docker (docker-compose): for launching apps, […]

By Jake
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How to reconnect cloudflare tunnel after ip change

I use cloudflare tunnel in a docker image. The docker compose config tunnel: image: cloudflare/cloudflared:2021.11.0 command: tunnel –config /etc/cloudflared/config.yml –no-autoupdate run and the cloudflared config url: http://host.docker.internal:8000 tunnel: *** credentials-file: /etc/cloudflared/***.json When I switch hosts wifi network, the host ip changes and the tunnel disconnects. cloudflared tunnel info <NAME> … This tunnel has no active […]

By chriamue
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Cannot access webserver after ovpn client connected (on the server) to a remote network

I have a cloud VM (debian 11) where I run some docker stuff. I have an nginx for reverese proxy, and some web application behind it. I protect the webserver with cloudflare. I already set up the origin cert, and its works like a charm. When I reach the nginx its use the cf cert […]

By Kadem
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docker, iptables and cloudflare

I have the same problem that was solved here, trying to create iptables rules that block in coming http/https traffic except for ips other than Cloudflare. Docker container accessible only via Cloudflare CDN (selected ip ranges) This works great except for one problem. My docker services include an SPA (served by nginx) and an app […]

By pickle
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Use CloudFlare DNS with internal network docker

I want all outbound traffic inside my PHP container to go through cloudflare’s service. I also want to be able to keep my internal network intact so the containers defined in my docker-compose file can all reach each other, how can i do this? Source: Docker Questions

By user990717
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Letsencrypt certs generated but getting TLS error with docker traefik using dns acme challenge

i am following this doc to setup docker traefik using the dns acme challenge for letsencrypt i am able to have the certs generated by each service that request it dynamically and in the logs it shows time="2021-08-09T21:21:27Z" level=debug msg="Looking for provided certificate(s) to validate [""]…" providerName=myresolver.acme rule="Host(``)" [email protected] time="2021-08-09T21:21:27Z" level=debug msg="Domains [""] need […]

GitHub actions build and push Docker image to private registry using CloudFlare and Traefik giving 413 Entity too large

I have been trying to build and push my Docker images through GitHub Actions and push them to my Docker Registry. This registry makes use of Cloudflare, and Traefik on the server as a reverse proxy. For this I have been using the following workflow file: name: Docker publish on: push: branches: [ develop ] […]

Is it possible to host a containerized website in Hostgator?

I am developing a website in PHP & MySql based. The domain was purchased from Hostgator. I have registered the DNS to cloudflare. Can anyone plz help me understand how can I get a VPS in hostgator to get the docker installed and host the website in a container. Should I move my domain to […]

Setting up subdomains with nginx proxy manager

I’m trying to set up a simple hello world flask app managed as a docker container behind nginx proxy manager (NPM) and accessed through a subdomain. I have portainer and NPM working, I exposed port 80 and 443 on my router, and I’ve set up my cloudflare domain to point to my pi with ddclient […]

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