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Azure Linux Container Web App does not resolve name within the vnet using private DNS

vnet is connected to my Web App through which I can communicate with other services and applications. When I specify the internal IP of another application to my application, everything works fine. But now the task has come from the management to remake it to use the internal DNS server and internal DNS names. In […]

Docker build stuck at Collecting package metadata [closed]

The docker build step in Azure Pipelines is stuck at Collecting package metadata (repodata.json): …working… done. After 150 mins the build gets killed due to timeout. 2022-01-19T08:46:42.8006935Z —> Running in 4c052451847f 2022-01-19T08:46:43.5169032Z [91mWARNING conda.models.version:get_matcher(528): Using .* with relational operator is superfluous and deprecated and will be removed in a future version of conda. Your spec […]

By user19930511
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docker-compose push failed with "ERROR: unauthorized: authentication required" using Azure Registry

I’m following this Microsoft guide and everything works well until I run the command docker-compose push when I get this error: ERROR: unauthorized: authentication required, visit for more information.. None of the suggested solutions proposed in the provided links works for me. In addition, The admin user is enabled Any ideas? Thanks. Source: Docker […]

Mounted host volume is not writable from host in Azure Pipelines

I’m mounting a volume from host to container which will not be present at the time of running the docker container. volumes: – "../foo:/app/foo" The foo folder will be created by the docker. The container will create additional folders and files inside foo. Similarly one more app inside the host will create additional folders and […]

By sai anudeep
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Deploy dockerized Rails app to Azure with DevOps pipelines

I just started learning Docker and Rails and I wanted to make sure I can easily deploy everything to Azure with Azure DevOps pipelines. The app works locally, but I expect to be several steps short of running the app in production. I created a new Rails app just by using rails new app. I […]

By mkkvkmn
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How to apply appsettings after deploying a docker image to Azure WebApp for containers?

I am trying to use "Azure Web Service for Containers" to host an ASP.NET Core/.Net5 app. I used pipeline in Azure DevOps to build my docker image, push it to a private registry and then deploy it to "Azure Web Service for Containers" service. I tested out my image locally and it worked perfectly fine. […]

Docker compose build/Docker build connection refused to nuget at macos

I’ve got a problem with building .NET 5 solutions using docker compose build or docker build. The problem is that when I’m trying to build it on my machine (MacOS Monterey, intel) I’ve got following error with restoring nuget packages from the private feed: #19 6.349 Failed to download package ‘System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Unsafe.4.5.1’ from ‘’. #19 6.349 […]

By Karol Kot
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Running several containers in specific order

I am playing around with containers (docker) and I’m trying to create several extraction jobs. Long story short, currently I have a huge container that runs for several hours doing these extractions. I want to break this docker image in several minor images, but there is a catch: some of these extractions need to run […]

Unable to connect ASP.NET app to SQL Server on Docker

I have created and am running SQL Server on Docker (on Mac). I am able to connect to it on Azure. I was able to run dotnet ef database update and the database appears in azure. However, when I run my project and try to run a simple GET request to the database I […]

By Ivan Shuvalov
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How can I correctly set environment variable for azure piplines without storing my connection string in the yml files?

I am trying to deploy an ASP.NET Core app to Azure’s Kubernetes service using a Azure’s pipelines. I created a new pipeline by selecting the "Deploy to Azure Kubernetes Service" template. I filled out the blanks and the project was deployed to the cluster. The above template created the following azure-pipeline.yml file # Deploy to […]

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