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How to securely use docker container registry credentials in production devices

I have a raspberry pi device which is using docker containers from private Azure container registry. The issue is where do I save the registry credentials on my device as that is a security risk. Any best practices on how to use the credentials securely. Or is there any other way to do it? Source: […]

Azure : Error 404: AciDeploymentFailed / Error 400 ACI Service request failed

I am trying to deploy a machine learning model through an ACI (Azure Container Instances) service. I am working in Python and I followed the following code (from the official documentation : : The entry script file is the following ( import os import dill import joblib def init(): global model # Get the […]

Azure App Service Fails to Start w/ Azure Container Registry Pull – Docker Container – Can not Find File – Works with Docker Hub

Problem : Can not deploy Flask web application from Azure Container Registry even though I can deploy the same Docker image from Dockerhub and have it work. Logs indicate that is unable to be found, but this file definitely in the root directory. Additional Details Pulling the image from Azure Container Registry and running […]

What’s the best practice for Docker images tagging in a multibranch project?

I have a C# application on which different teams work in parallel and each team may work on feature branches. I’m configuring the build pipeline that builds the Docker images and pushes them to an Azure Container Registry. In our daily work, during the deploys we need to address the specific Docker images for each […]

How to programmatically upload a container to Azure Container Registry

Azure has a .NET API that’s pretty comprehensive and extensively documented. There are ways to programmatically accomplish just about anything that you can do in Azure, including all sorts of Docker-related stuff for the Azure Container Service, but one thing I can’t find is how to upload a Docker container to an Azure Container Registry […]

Azure Devops Pipelines cannot push docker images to Azure Container Registry Private Endpoint

I have a container registry which is only accessible through a private endpoint and resides in a virtual network, let’s say ‘Vnet’. The registry is not accessible through the public internet. And I have linked my Github Repo to the azure devops. What I am trying to do:- I am trying to create a pipeline […]

Azure container registry: Image doesn’t update when a publish through Visual Studio

I configured Visual Studio to publish a docker image to Azure Container Registry and deploy it to an Azure App Service, the idea is: Every time I update my application, I’ll publish the image to ACR and then, restart the App Service to update. The problem is: the App Service container never updates, even the […]

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Az acr build command info needed

As per the documentation the below command builds and pushes to registry. What if I need only build and then push based on my interest .Because I have to scan image before pushing it. az acr build –image sample/hello-world:v1 –registry myContainerRegistry008 –file Dockerfile . Note: There is no docker daemon installed on the system. […]

Tag :latest is not working Azure pipeline Docker kubernetes

All I am trying to do here is build and push my docker image to Azure Container registry and deploy in Azure kubernetes. All works well, deploying fine and the application runs okay. Please note that all with static tag 1.0 I want my pipeline to take latest image all the time when it try […]

Where should be located if I am using ACR?

I have added at usr/local/lib/ so that it can be detected and used by Docker when it signs images. This is straightforward and easy to understand when the only thing I am using is my own build agent running my own notary server. If I want to use Azure Container Registry and VM Scale […]

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