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docker compose up with customized volumes on azure container instance

I am trying to docker compose up to Azure Container Instances, but nothing shows up, and no docker container is created. As below [email protected] MSYS ~/source/cab/cab-deployment (master) $ docker compose up [email protected] MSYS ~/source/cab/cab-deployment (master) $ docker ps CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND STATUS PORTS Following is my docker-compose.yaml file version: "3.8" services: cassandra: image: cassandra:4.0.0 […]

Azure Container Instance does not respond with dns name on browser

I have docker image which locally listens port 5000. I have deployed images to Azure Container Registry. I have then created Azure Container Instance with: az container create –resource-group myResourceGroup –name aci-tutorial-app –image <acrLoginServer>/aci-tutorial-app:v1 –cpu 1 –memory 1 –registry-login-server <acrLoginServer> –registry-username <service-principal-ID> –registry-password <service-principal-password> –dns-name-label <aciDnsLabel> –ports 80 Container was succesfully created, but browser does […]

How can i specify docker run argument in azure container creation

When I run docker locally I specify the ipc argument equal to host in order to avoid insufficient shared memory problem. docker run -it –name visdrone_cpu -p 8000:8000 –ipc host visdrone. How can I replicate this in azure during the container creation? az container create -g visdrone -n visdrone –image sergiocaputoo/visdrone –port 80 –ipc host […]

I want to create and Azure Container Instance (ACI) from azure functions app in python

I’m trying to replicate my deployment I had on AWS on azure. I had an entirely serverless based architecture on aws which consisted of aws lambda with s3 trigger, aws sagemaker processing job and aws ecr. The lambda would trigger the sagemaker processing job (using the python BOTO3 library) only if FILE A and FILE […]

Install az cli in self-hosted github runner based on Linux Image

Problem Statement: Use self-hosted github runner. The runner is hosted in a azure container instance. Steps: Created a private azure container registry Build and publish docker image to the registry Create azure container instance based on that image and used it as self-hosted runner All above steps work nicely Issue: I am not able to […]

Docker-Selenium Grid 4 with Video recording on Azure Container Instances: Cannot open display error

Given yaml file definition.yml with definition of containers apiVersion: 2019-12-01 location: germanywestcentral name: nameforcontainergroup properties: containers: – name: selenium-hub properties: image: selenium/standalone-chrome:4.1.1-20211217 resources: requests: cpu: 1 memoryInGb: 1 environmentVariables: – name: SCREEN_WIDTH value: "1920" – name: SCREEN_HEIGHT value: "1080" – name: VNC_NO_PASSWORD value: 1 ports: – port: 4444 – name: chrome-node-1-video properties: image: selenium/video:ffmpeg-4.3.1-20211217 resources: […]

Implantar grupo de containers utilizando uma rede virtual com o Docker compose [closed]

preciso implantar um container instance que esteja dentro de uma rede privada utilizo o docker para subir meu ACI porém não sei como posso fazer isso Source: Docker Questions

docker compose ecs will fail silently when using shared azure volume ( in asure container instances)

I am running into this issue while using Azure file shared volumes in which when running docker compose –file docker-compose.yml –file up. It will not do anything, no error or log and no activity in the azure dashboard. I am following this guide from docker to deploy in azure container instances. I have already […]

Docker image "node" terminates before I can access it (using azure cli)

I try to deploy my image that is based on node (node:latest) on azure. When I do it terminates automatically and does not let me do what I need to do with it. My docker file: WORKDIR /usr/src/app COPY package.json . COPY . COPY images images COPY src src EXPOSE 80 RUN npm install […]

How to deploy MarkLogic docker hub image to Azure Container Instance ACI

MarkLogic publishes its DB to Docker Hub. I would like to explore how to run ML docker hub images on ACI. I try to follow below link to do it. (It works with that Sample Microsoft aci-helloword image deployment. I assume it should also work for ML.) However I got below error message. {"code":"DeploymentFailed","message":"At least […]

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