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Supserset (docker image aws)

Am new to superset and using the image from amazon but it seems the caching system is not working. how to enable cache system or configure cache system in superset(aws). Source: Docker Questions

By joel matisa
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Symfony Messenger not shutting down gracefully when using APP_ENV=prod

We are using Symfony Messenger in combination with supervisor running in a Docker container on AWS ECS. We noticed the worker is not shut down gracefully. After debugging it appears it does work as expected when using APP_ENV=dev, but not when APP_ENV=prod. I made a simple sleepMessage, which sleeps for 1 second and then prints […]

aws cli not available on github actions

I have been trying to use github actions to deploy a docker image to AWS ECR, but there is a step that is consistently failing. Here is the portion that is failing: – name: Pulling ECR for updates and instantiating new updated containers. uses: appleboy/[email protected] with: host: ${{secrets.STAGING_HOST}} username: ${{secrets.STAGING_USERNAME}} key: ${{secrets.STAGING_PEM}} port: ${{secrets.STAGING_PORT}} script: […]

Access dockerized Nginx

I have a react app dockerized along with Nginx ### First Stage ### FROM node:alpine AS builder WORKDIR /usr/src/app COPY ./package.json ./ COPY ./yarn.lock ./ RUN yarn install COPY . . RUN yarn build ### Second Stage ### FROM nginx:alpine ARG NGINXFILE COPY ${NGINXFILE} /etc/nginx/conf.d/nginx.conf COPY –from=builder /usr/src/app/build/ /usr/share/nginx/html EXPOSE 80 EXPOSE 443 and this […]

By Saeid
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Get the user’s public IP inside a Flask app that is running inside a Docker container on AWS ECS?

I have a flask app running inside a Docker container. I am using gunicorn and hosting the app on AWS with an application load balancer. I am not using nginx. I am logging the public IP address of the users of the site in flask using: from flask import request @app.route(‘/login’) def login(): ip_address request.remote_addr […]

By Alex F
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Error when deploying serverless application in python

After I signed in in my serverless account and then I tried to deploy my application (on Amazon), it shows me this error Error: `docker run –rm -v C:/Users/user/AppData/Local/UnitedIncome/serverless-python-requirements/Cache/3c5307946d60c3cf6dcd718de08a5ac453454387e6a435435edf993f360200a547cc_x86_64_slspyc:/var/task:z -v C:/Users/user/AppDa ta/Local/UnitedIncome/serverless-python-requirements/Cache/downloadCacheslspyc:/var/useDownloadCache:z -u 0 lambci/lambda:build-python3.8 python -m pip install -t /var/task/ -r /var/task/requirements.txt –cache-dir /var/useDownload Cache` Exited with code 1 at ChildProcess.<anonymous> (C:UsersuserDesktopvoice-reckognitionnode_moduleschild-process-extspawn.js:38:8) at ChildProcess.emit […]

How to test out Lambda Function locally inside Docker

I am learning AWS Lambda. Unfortunately, I can’t install SAM-TOOLKIT (sam-cli) on my host computer MAC, but I have Docker installed. Now, I work inside Docker flawlessly. I have started the docker-container (from base image of Linux Ubuntu) and have installed all necessary softwares inside the Container like "sudo", "JDK", "maven", "vim", "aws-cli", "sam-cli", etc. […]

How do you execute a script on destroy of a aws_instance?

In terraform, there’s a Destroy Time provisioner but these execute locally or I have to use SSH which means I have to run it from a server that has an SSH key to the remote server. I was wondering if it can be done on its own without having to do an SSH connection. I […]

Running several containers in specific order

I am playing around with containers (docker) and I’m trying to create several extraction jobs. Long story short, currently I have a huge container that runs for several hours doing these extractions. I want to break this docker image in several minor images, but there is a catch: some of these extractions need to run […]

Is there way to run ros kinetic docker in AWS robomakers?

I’m searching for multi robot simulation. In current I’m using docker/ROS(kinetic). But.. AWS doesn’t support ROS kinetic & gazebo 7. Is there way to connect ROS kinetic docker in AWS robomakers? or If have a simulator that can run multi robot simulation in cloud environment, Please recommend it? Source: Docker Questions

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