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Cannot import PyTorch in Alpine Docker Container

The MRE below should be enough to explain what I’m trying to do. Google doesn’t help as it seems to be a unique error, which surprised me since Alpine & PyTorch are both fairly popular. Dockerfile: FROM nginx:stable-alpine as production WORKDIR /app RUN apk update && apk add –no-cache python3 bash && python3 -m ensurepip […]

By Polzarak
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Upgrade the postgresql version in docker with docker-alpine-postgres

I took over a website project running in a docker environment. Recently AWS requested to update the postgresql version, in my case from 9.5 to at least 12. The compose-yaml of the docker project looks as follows: postgres: build: ./images/postgres image: project:con-postgres container_name: con-postgres-server ports: – 5432:5432 networks: – "DEVNET" In the ./images/postgres folder the […]

By Nixen85
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Puppeteer cant launch browser even with –no-sandbox , no-setuid-sandbox args

We have a docker/alpine image with Vlocity tool for deployment and it uses Puppeteer for Omniscript reactivation. It doesnt come with disable-setuid-sandbox arg (line 1511), so we added it. so we add that and it looks like below after our changes in our Docker container args: [‘–no-sandbox’, ‘–disable-setuid-sandbox’] Error: Puppeteer initialization Failed, LWC Activation […]

By Oxycash
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I can’t run shell script

I made a dockerfile that uses the latest alpine and copies to /src. I run the container and open up the CLI window in docker. Its path is /src and if I enter command ls I get the file. But when I try to run it by either running or ./ it […]

By fk69
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unknown error: DevToolsActivePort file doesn’t exist when running in Docker

I am trying to run chrome using Python and selenium in a Docker container running alpine. It was running fine until one day when it started throwing the following error when I instantiated chrome. Message: unknown error: Chrome failed to start: crashed. (unknown error: DevToolsActivePort file doesn’t exist) (The process started from chrome location /usr/lib/chromium/chrome […]

NodeJS + Alpine + Puppeteer : Unable to launch browser without –no-sandbox

We are trying to run some tasks using puppeteer on Alpine Docker + NodeJS. We used to get below error: Error: Failed to launch the browser process! spawn /usr/lib/node_modules/puppeteer/.local-chromium/linux-901912/chrome-linux/chrome ENOENT Here is the updated Docker Image with a non root user. FROM alpine WORKDIR /project RUN apk add npm RUN apk add chromium RUN npm […]

By Oxycash
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Alpine image inconsistency in Docker file and build.sbt file

The project is built using "sbt".The image is built through a script(docker build –pull=true -t <IMAGE-NAME> -f Dockerfile .)The parent image which is mentioned in Dockerfile is this one: FROM <Remote_docker_hub>/alpine:3.15 In build.sbt file, the base docker image is adoptopenjdk16:jdk16.0.1_9-alpine like: dockerBaseImage := <Remote_docker_hub>/adoptopenjdk16:jdk16.0.1_9-alpine When I am building the image, I was assuming that the […]

By Siddharth Shankar
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Docker colors on enter the docker

I am run different dockers (Alpine/Linux) I want when the user log into the container he will get some text in red color when i created the Dockerfile i copied into the root folder the .profile and .bashsrc files. the result is as follow (red color not displayed but instead the value of it) edocker […]

By developer learn999
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Docker zlib Cannot find config.m4. Make sure that you run ‘/usr/local/bin/phpize’ in the top level source directory of the module

I am trying to create a docker container for symfony6 with php8.1 I am going from the official symfony docker template and need to modify to my needs So far I am stuck at installing additional PHP extensions RUN docker-php-ext-install zlib RUN apk add –no-cache –virtual .phpize-deps returns error Cannot find config.m4. Make sure that […]

By Sam
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Can CRON job pass the updated value of existing environment variable to a shell script?

This is my cron script : * * * * * / >> /var/log/script.log My file ”’ #!/bin/sh env echo $DISABLE_CACHE if [ "$DISABLE_CACHE" = "true" ] then echo " RELOADING NGINX " else echo "Routine cron job" fi ”’ So when the cron job starts, DISABLE_CACHE variable value was set to true. Its […]

By Hitesh Bhandari
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