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Aerospike user not found when running as nonroot

I am using community edition aerospike docker image. Our k8s cluster does not allow running containers as root. hence i started following this doc for running as non root. But when run the image i am getting below error link eth0 state up link eth0 state up in 0 Dec 02 2021 10:15:12 GMT: CRITICAL […]

By best wishes
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Aerospike Connect to kafka: docker: Error response from daemon: invalid mode: /etc/aerospike-kafka-outbound/aerospike-kafka-outbound.yml

I am trying Aerospike Connect to Kafka. OS: Windows I referred I referred: ‘# With Aerospike 5.0 and later’ for deploying on docker I have these running in docker: My Windows path for the file: C:/aerospike-kafka-outbound/aerospike-kafka-outbound.yml C:UsersNupur>docker ps CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 1114b8a97406 aerospike/aerospike-kafka-outbound:4.0.0 "/bin/sh -c ‘/opt/${…" 37 seconds ago […]

How to run Aerospike on mac air m1?

I am trying to install Aerospike on my mac air (m1). I am following these steps mentioned on the website: but when I run the container it shows an error The requested image’s platform (Linux/amd64) does not match the detected host platform (Linux/arm64/v8) and no specific platform was requested I want to ask that […]

By Anand
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Aerospike Invalid Host

I have the following error from aerospike in Docker (Ubuntu 20.04), it is an invalid host error, but I don’t understand what causes it, and how to fix it. I can confirm that xxx_aerospike_1 (placeholder) container is up and running. The full error is below: com.aerospike.client.AerospikeException$Connection: Error Code -8: Failed to connect to host(s): xxx_aerospike_1 […]

By Long Le
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docker: why Failed to connect to seed

I run the following docker command. I don’t understand why it is failed. Could you show me how to debug this? Thanks. $ docker run -v `pwd`:/share -ti –name aerospike-aql –rm aerospike/aerospike-tools aql –host –no-config-file Unable to find image ‘aerospike/aerospike-tools:latest’ locally latest: Pulling from aerospike/aerospike-tools 6ec7b7d162b2: Pull complete 177617b11d13: Pull complete 10273812b9e3: Pull complete […]

By user1424739
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