Packer Errors on Attempt to Run A Script

I have a Packer build that is using GitHub actions. The build needs to run a bash script that dockerizes the applications. I know it’s not best practice, but I have to ensure that the script can be used during the Packer build. I get the following error: Error: /15 04:59:23 packer-plugin-amazon_v1.0.6_x5.0_linux_amd64 plugin: 2022/01/15 04:59:23 […]

By R Barrett
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How to Interpret A Docker Run Command from Docker Inspect for Docker Nova_Libvirt in OpenStack Kolla

So I have the following issue: I have a container that is already running in production, but I have no clue how it was instantiated. When I look at the docker inspect output I see the following: [root ~]# docker inspect nova_libvirt [ { "Id": "b8b3c5fe243639765f5cf9da3bf63d10ce0390ba9351ce834acc1e2dc995500c", "Created": "2020-04-27T13:39:05.565536863Z", "Path": "dumb-init", "Args": [ "–single-child", "–", "kolla_start" […]

By R Barrett
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How To Auto-Tag A Docker Image with Git Commit Hash through a Jenkinsfile Pipeline

So I have a Jenkins instance that I need to automatically tag a Docker Image with using a Jenkinsfile Pipeline that automatically tags the image with the commit hash and then pushes it to the Docker Repository. Jenkins is configured correctly, but my pipeline is still failing. At first, I tried using the following command, […]

By R Barrett
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