Docker Registry behind HAProxy not working properly

I have configured Docker Registry using htpasswd authentication as docker service. I use a port mapping 443:5000 and it works perfectly. "docker login :443" works, "docker pull <mydomain:433/myimage" works. The container service looks like this: myhub: image: myhub ports: – "443:5000" environment: – REGISTRY_HTTP_ADDR= – REGISTRY_HTTP_TLS_KEY=/certs/efimeridopolis.privkey.pem – REGISTRY_HTTP_TLS_CERTIFICATE=/certs/efimeridopolis.fullchain.pem – REGISTRY_AUTH=htpasswd – REGISTRY_AUTH_HTPASSWD_REALM=’Registry Realm’ – REGISTRY_AUTH_HTPASSWD_PATH=/auth/registry.htpasswd […]

By Alexandros Gougousis
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