ubuntu wslregisterdistribution failed with error: 0x80041002


Thanks in advance, I’ve researched exhaustively and cannot fix this issue after 5 days.

I am attempting to install Ubuntu as a Windows distro on top of WSL-2 Kernel.
Here are the steps I take:

  1. I download the Linux Kernel Update package from this URL -> https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/wsl/install-manual#step-4—download-the-linux-kernel-update-package
  2. I turn on Windows features "Windows subsystem for Linux"; "Virtual Machine Platform"
  3. I restart machine and also ensure virtualization is enabled within my BIOS
  4. I install Ubuntu from Microsoft Store. (I’ve tried 3 different versions of Ubuntu).
  5. I run Ubuntu as an Administrator

When I run Ubuntu as Admin, I always get this below error:

"ubuntu wslregisterdistribution failed with error: 0x80041002"

I have scoured the net for fixes, but there is little on this error that doesn’t simply pertain to a Windows update.
The ONLY action that has resolved this is setting the wsl –set-default-version to "1" as the default is 2. When I downgrade to wsl-1, Ubuntu launches fine.

However, from my research and experience, I cannot run Docker Desktop using wsl-1 as it requires version 2.

When I run Ubuntu with wsl-1 and then type command "wsl -l -v", it does indeed say the following:

  NAME      STATE           VERSION
* Ubuntu    Running         1

I believe the Docker portion should be separated from the above-mentioned issue with Ubuntu/wsl, however, as my goal is to simply run the Docker Engine in DD, I’ll include the below information as well with regards to Docker Desktop:

I am attempting to run Docker Desktop on Windows 11 Enterprise. Docker engine always fails to start and I believe the issue lies with WSL/Ubuntu as described above as I cannot run Ubuntu with wsl-2.
Sometimes, Docker Desktop will not launch at all, and instead displays the below error message, prompting me to reset to factory defaults; but I know my issue is with WSL:

Failed to deploy distro docker-desktop to C:Usersv-kesculAppDataLocalDockerwsldistro: exit code: -1
 stdout: Error: 0x80041002 

Any help would be appreciated as we really need get Docker running on the new Windows 11 machines so we can dockerize our Spring Cloud environments into a Linux based AWS EC2 instance.. thank you!

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