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I am trying to get xeus-cling to work on a OCI image, currently I am using buildah + podman. I run into two problems

  1. I try to create an environment with mamba/conda, however it needs conda/mamba init bash too run then to restart the shell. But its hard to get it to restart while its building, I have tried building multistage images, exit, running /bin/bash. I noticed conda checks too see if certain files are configured in a certain way, including /home/joyvan/.bashrc, I cat‘d out the modified .bashrc and COPY‘d it too the image — no dice. activate tells me I need to run init
  2. I have tried installing it without the environment, I keep getting the error
Encountered problems while solving:
 - nothing provides system needed by clangdev-5.0.0-default_0

I don’t know which package specifically clangdev-5.0.0-default_0 is in (hence a bunch of commented out C++ relevant packages in the Dockerfile)

I have even got notebook to run a couple of times (cant remember what
I did) but did not see the option to create a C++ notebook. I am
wondering if this may be due to the fact that

I have put my Dockerfile in its current state below (I went a little crazy with Ctrl+Z)

Thank you for reading

  • TFB 🙂
FROM docker.io/jupyter/scipy-notebook:latest

SHELL [ "/bin/bash", "-c" ]

RUN mamba install -y xeus -c conda-forge
RUN mamba install -y jupyterlab -c conda-forge

# RUN conda install gcc7 -c conda-forge
# RUN mamba install -y -c conda-forge clangdev
# RUN mamba install -y -c conda-forge/label/llvm_rc clangdev
# RUN mamba install -y -c conda-forge/label/cf202003 clangdev
# RUN mamba install -y -c conda-forge/label/gcc7 clangdev
# RUN mamba install -y -c conda-forge/label/broken clangdev
# RUN mamba install -y -c conda-forge/label/cf201901 clangdev

RUN mamba install -y -c conda-forge jupyter_contrib_nbextensions 
# RUN conda init bash
# RUN conda create -n cling
# RUN conda activate cling
RUN mamba install -y xeus-cling -c conda-forge

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