OpenShift – Cannot Build dockerfiles from private bitbucket repo

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I’m trying to create a application from a dockerfile in my Private Bitbucket repo, when I go through the web console to make it I’ve tried using both the SSH and HTTP url’s and the ssl/user+pass secrets but its not detecting the Dockerfile in my repo.

I’ve also tried using the CLI to create it both on Windows and Ubuntu…

oc new-app [email protected]:mitch-user/myapp.git --context-dir src --source-secret bitbucketssl --strategy docker --name myapp

but I get the following

warning: Cannot check if git requires authentication.
W1126 11:17:56.680242   31748 dockerimagelookup.go:300] container image remote registry lookup failed: you may not have access to the container image ""
error: only a partial match was found for "base": "openshift/jenkins-agent-base:latest"

The argument "base" only partially matched the following container image, OpenShift image stream, or template:

* Image stream "jenkins-agent-base" (tag "latest") in project "openshift"
  Use --image-stream="openshift/jenkins-agent-base:latest" to specify this image or template

Has anyone seen this issue before? any help would be appreciated.

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