How to install K6 through dockerfile

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Just as the title implies I’m really really new at docker and I wanted to know if there’s any way to actually install K6 through a dockerfile in order to be able to use in an K6 framework we already have.

We’re using a "pre-made" template for K6+InfluxDB+Grafana with some tweaks and even if it has a docker-compose.yml with K6, InfluxDB and Grafana which will work wonders when running in a "LIVE" environment we need to get to a point where if someone from the dev team wants to perform or execute those scripts locally they just have to clone the repo/framework and get K6 installed "automatically" without having to either install it through brew or chocolatey or just the binaries.

Is this possible at all?

Thanks for your help for this noob hahahaha :’)

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