How to inject docker registry username/password in docker-compose file?

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In order to deploy an application using docker and a remote registry:

  1. Using docker client, execute docker login so that the credentials will be stored either directly in $HOME/.docker/config.json or on a credential store specified also in $HOME/.docker/config.json. Then use the docker create command to start the application.
  2. In kubernetes, a secret can be generated using the docker registry username and password. Then, the secret can be injected in the helm-chart using imagePullSecret. then, helm install command can instruct kubelet to pull the image inside the created container inside the scheduled pod. To update the image registry, the image name and pull secret can be updated before re-installation.

I have three questions:

  • How can I set the username and password or inject these credentials for the services in docker-compose without having to run docker login first in each deployment host ? (as in nu

  • Can I populate a credential store specified in a $HOME/.docker/config.json using docker login command on one machine, then specify the same credential store in $HOME/.docker/config.json of another machine, then use the answer of the previous question to inject or pull the credentials

  • if the docker daemon checks for the credentials inside the credential stores that is specified in $HOME/.docker/config.json, then what is the use of the helper program ?

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