Is running Docker on a VM counter-intuitive?


I have a question about Docker and running a Docker container-based application on a VM.

Let’s say I have a web application that I want to deploy to some cloud hosting service. Let’s also say that the cloud hosting service I am deploying my container-based application on gives me a virtual machine partitioned from a bare-metal server.

From my understanding, the idea behind containers is that there is no hypervisor involved since only the OS is virtualized. However, since I am deploying my container-based application on a VM already, isn’t this counter-intuitive?

I understand that applications that aren’t container based typically are created from a VM image. Also, I am having some confusion with the difference between VM images and container-based images.

Basically my question is, why are VMs involved in container-based applications? I thought the point of container-based applications was to get rid of VMs/the hypervisor layer since they have slow startup times.

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