How to run "docker-compose up" pointing to a different image ID

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Apoligies if this question is dumb or naive… we are still learning docker. We are running Airflow in docker. Here are the docker images on our GCP compute engine:

[email protected]:~/airflow-dir$ docker image ls
REPOSITORY              TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
our-airflow_webserver   latest              aaaaaaaaaaaa        17 minutes ago      968MB
<none>                  <none>              bbbbbbbbbbbb        22 minutes ago      2.13GB
apache/airflow          2.1.4               cccccccccccc        5 weeks ago         968MB
<none>                  <none>              dddddddddddd        2 months ago        2.01GB
python                  3.7-slim-buster     eeeeeeeeeeee        17 months ago       155MB
postgres                9.6                 ffffffffffff        17 months ago       200MB
[email protected]:~/airflow-dir$ 

dddddddddddd was the image that used to run when we ran docker-compose up from the command line. However, we were testing a new Dockerfile, and built the new image aaaaaaaaaaaa with the tag our-airflow_webserver. dddddddddddd used to have this tag, but it was changed to <none> when we built aaaaaaaaaaaa.

We’d like to run docker-compose up dddddddddddd, however this does not work. We get the error ERROR: No such service: dddddddddddd. How can we create a container using the image dddddddddddd with docker-compose up? Is this possible?

Edit: If I simply run docker run dddddddddddd, I do not get the desired output. I think this is because our docker-compose file is launching all of the requisite services we need for airflow (webserver, scheduler, metadata db).

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