Does the cross domain configuration of springboot have no effect?

  docker, javascript, nginx, spring-boot, vue.js
  1. Background: in the project development, the front and back end separation mode is adopted, in which Vue + Axios is used for the front end and springboot is used for the back end. After the project is developed, you want to go online, so the front end chooses to deploy to nginx, and the whole project is packaged in docker with docker compose to run.
  2. Problem: after the front end is deployed to nginx (using the default configuration of nginx without modification), a cross domain error occurs when using Axios to access the back end. Therefore, according to the online statement, add a cross domain configuration in the springboot background:
public class CorsConfig {

    public CorsFilter corsFilter(){
        UrlBasedCorsConfigurationSource source = new UrlBasedCorsConfigurationSource();
        CorsConfiguration corsConfiguration = new CorsConfiguration();
        return new CorsFilter(source);
  1. Result: after restarting the project, the operation still reported a cross domain error and the interface could not be accessed. Then the attempt to add the crossorigin annotation was invalid. What is the reason? Is it the problem of nginx, or does it mean that the front and back ends need to be configured across domains to succeed? I have no front-end experience

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