npm package @babel/runtime can not be found in my docker app. meteor 2.2

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I have a meteor (meteor version 2.2) app running on my local PC. This app uses "@babel/runtime node package, of course I successfully installed it by meteor npm install. If you see the image below, I have babel/runtime in node_modules folder and it is written ni packages.json and packages-lock.json.enter image description here

So I deployed this app into docker project. The app is running inside the docker. (Most deploy code made by others, I modify node.js version, install python, install R).
Docker gives me error saying: @babel/runtime could not be found in node_modules directory. See images below:
enter image description here

I dont know why this happened, I even use docker exec /bin/bash into the docker to check. In the directory: “` /app/bundle/programs/server/node_modules““, I clearly can see @babel is installed. See image below:
enter image description here.

System wants me run meteor npm install, but the docker app is deployed with node.js, nothing with meteor. I used npm install in this directory, but it will mass up a lot. So I dont know which part is wrong.
Any one know this, or have experience with this?

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