Prod docker config that works for cpu and memory

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Currently we just moved to docker and I am not sure if the docker config is really working as expected for CPU and memory

Currently in our production system

  1. For memory – we are actually using --memory and ‘"JAVA_TOOL_OPTS= -XX:MinRAMPercentage=75 -XX:MaxRAMPercentage=75 -XX:InitialRAMPercentage=75"’.
    Any known issue if I dont allow swap memory?
  2. For CPU – we are just using --cpu-shares.

I believe the config is not sufficient for an efficient management of the memory and CPU.

Any suggestion on how to control the values of CPU and memory more effectively and without impacting other containers in the process.

Also any tools that i can use to see the actual usage of the CPU and heap space ?
we have now an APM tool that shows different numbers from docker stats

I have checked docker config at

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