Getting ERR_CERT_REVOKED when using domain certificate from docker image

we have ssl configured on one of our tomcat web applications . Now we have a new application (aspnet) running on docker container so I exported the .pfx from the cert that we use for the tomcat webapplication and ran docker using that .pfx file .It starts all good and on the ssl port 443 as well as per logs it listens to https://[:]443 and the http port exposed

Adding to the above tomcat webapps ssl port is also 443.
Tomcat webapps home address eg :
The docker container running the image listens on 443 as well mapped to 8081 in the docker compose .
That docker image’s api of the aspnet app I want to access is

Using the self signed cert the end point is accessible https://localhost:8081/Dotnet/insert via docker over https without any issues.

But when using this .pfx exported for the cert in docker run that we used in tomcat application returns this error ERR_CERT_REVOKED.

cant we use the same cert for two different applications as they share the same domain ?
any ideas what possibly could be going wrong here?

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