How does RShiny work on AWS-Fargate (mutli user)

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I am currently in the process of bringing my R-Shiny app online. Unfortunately, I am not getting anywhere with my current approach (EKS Cluster + Shinyproxy) (see question: "ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE" – ShinyApp hosted over AWS (EC2 / EKS / ShinyProxy) does not work).

Therefore, I have considered taking the (supposedly) easier route via Fargate.

But I wondered how Fargate works exactly when several users want to access the service at the same time?

Background: My goal is to integrate my ShinyApp into another website and to use Shiny as a tool for data processing, so to speak. Important: It may be that more users want to process their own data at the same time. So it would be important that several users can use the tool at the same time without being able to mess with each other’s data. (This is why I have wanted to use ShinyProxy so far).

Can one of you explain to me how Fargate deals with (I’ll just call it that) multi-user access in connection with RShiny?
Is there any risk at all that users will get in each other’s way?
In my dream world, each user gets their own R session – their own Docker image, so to speak.

I hope I was able to formulate my question in a meaningful way so that you understand what exactly I mean. 🙂

Thank you!

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