How to implement NPM link command with dockerized apps?

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My app uses my own common module which already on the npm registry. In order to see changes take affect immediately, instead of actually push a new version to the npm registry, I go to the common module directory and run: npm link then go back to my app and instead of actually bump the version and install it anytime there a change in the development, I just run: npm link MY-MODULE-NAME

When working without Docker everything works perfect. since there only one global node_modules on my disk.

But when running my app inside a Docker container, the link tries to find my module, but in the node_modules dir under the container my module is missing, of course.

How to solve this? I don’t want to build and push changes to actual npm registry just for dev purposes.

My env stack: My app is running inside a Docker container inside a Kubernetes pod and all of that runs in a local cluster using Minikube and handled automatically by Skaffold.

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