.Net 5.0 – Odata v8.0.2 – /odata/$metadata not working as expected in ubuntu 20.04 with docker-compose

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I’m new odata user.

When i use docker-compose to debug with visual studio in windows environment. /odata/$metadata is working well

enter image description here

But when i deploy my project to ubuntu 20.04LTS server. /odata/$metadata not working as expected. It return same data with /odata

My docker-compose:

enter image description here

Result when i use wget command to request to /odata/$metadata

enter image description here

And when i use nginx as proxy to bypass project. It same issue.

What did i do wrong here and what can i do to fix this issue?

You can try:


I use aspnet 5.0 and odata v8.0.2

Thanks for your support.

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