Should I use docker to replace MAMP?

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I’m currently trying to decide if I should switch over to docker for local web development or if I should keep using MAMP PRO.

My main reason for looking into docker is the ability to customize the whole environment to make it use the same versions of httpd, php and MariaDB as the live server does.
I did run into some issues with MAMP because it runs MySQL instead of MariaDB and because I can’t pick the exact same php version as the live server.
This caused some small problems where certain queries and PHP functions that did not work locally.

It seems that docker is a lot more work to setup and maintain but also offers a lot more features and does not force you to pay/upgrade every year.

Our VPS server is using apache and nginx as a reverse proxy.

  • Apache HTTPD 2.4.29
  • Nginx 1.20.1
  • PHP 7.3.29
  • MariaDB 10.1.48

I’m planning on using ssl certificates and local host names like https://my-project instead of https://localhost in order to be able to run multiple projects simultaneously.

So, should I make the switch or should stick to MAMP PRO?

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