DSM docker parse-server can’t access cloud code or config file

I’ve used yongjhih/parse-server as my container image for a while, but this image wasn’t updated over 4 years so I moved to the official parseplatform/parse-server image, and connected it to the parse-dashboard official image.
Both working fine, and I’ve successfully saved objects to the DB using the dashboard console.


  1. My parse-server ignoring config.json file on mounted folder, so for now I use only environment variables.
  2. When trying to access cloud code via REST console I get 404 (Not Found) on inspector with response Cannot GET /parse/endpointName. but I don’t get any error or warnings on logs.
  3. I’ve also disabled GraphQL and playground for now because it’s making the whole container crash with an error GraphQLError [Object]: Syntax Error: Unexpected Name "const", which probably means I’m missing some imports, but it also means the server can actually access my mounted folders.
  4. Dashboard can’t access parse-server via local host, I solved it by using ip address for serverURL on the dashboard config.json

I’m using the docker (GUI) app on my Synology NAS with DSM 7.

My volumes:
enter image description here

Environment variables:
enter image description here

My dashboard config.json:

  "apps": [{
    "serverURL": "",
    "appId": "appId",
    "masterKey": "masterKey",
    "appName": "appName"

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