Data loss on Azure Container Instance with mounted volume

  azure, containers, docker, docker-volume, sql-server

I just created a container instance on azure with an sql server docker image and a mounted file sharing storage as a volume. The fact is that the container got stucked, so I restarted it.

After restart, all data was gone. When I restart a docker container locally, data keep existing because of volumes so I cannot understand the behaviour on azure.

Any clue about this?

Here is the cli command I run to create the container

az container create --resource-group myresource-rg 
--name project-test-db 
--location westus2 
--ports 1433 
--memory 5  
--environment-variables SA_PASSWORD=Password ACCEPT_EULA=Y  
--ip-address public 
--azure-file-volume-account-name projectteststorageacc  
--azure-file-volume-account-key MyKey  
--azure-file-volume-share-name project-test-file-share  
--azure-file-volume-mount-path /databases

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