Migrating docker to new volume on Synology caused OCI error permission denied

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I’ve tried to migrate all Synology packages to a new volume and with it Docker. All other packages worked fine, but Docker seemed to require some more work. I have one container I want to keep, so I exported the container as a backup, from within the UI.

The container is based on the gautamsaggar/oracle11g image.


  1. Uninstall Docker from volume1 using UI (making sure to not tick the box to delete volumes, images etc.)
  2. Logged in with SSH as root and sudo -i
  3. I used mv the files from /volume1/@docker to /volume3/@docker.
  4. Reinstalled Docker on volume3 using UI

When I open the Docker UI, I don’t see my container or image or configured networks. If I try to download the same image and import the previously exported backup, Docker UI returns with a message: Failed to import.

So in desperation, I copied the @docker folder back to volume 1 and reinstalled docker there, and to my relief it was back. However, when I try to start the container I get the following message:

Error response from daemon: OCI runtime create failed: 
container_linux.go:367: starting container process caused: 
exec: "/bin/sh": permission denied: unknown

Some more info:

I also tried to reboot, in between, to no avail.
If I try to start the container from the command line, I get the same message.
If I try to launch another image from within Docker, I get the same message.

From the message, I understand that there is some file that has to be executed that docker does not have permission to execute, and it probably has little to do with the container it self – but I don’t know what uid or guid that is, nor do I know which files it want. I also understand that my mv command most likely mangled the attributes and permissions of something in @docker that required special attributes.

Any ideas? If any more info is required, please let me know.

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