Synology docker Mysql Speed

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I would like to improve the speed of my MySQL database installed in my synology docker. I have been placing stock prices in it and have noticed it is so slow to write in the database, especially compared to the mysql database on my XPS15 laptop (possibly SSD makes a difference).
I have tried to run the same scripts placing yfinance data in the database and the xps took less than a <2min while the mysql is still running adding dates as i’m typing.

Docker Mysql Workbench Dashboard

compared to this install on my xps

XPS Workbench Dashboard

I opted to place the DB on my synology to access to it from multiple computers without having to leave my laptop on all the time. So it would be great if I can have help increasing the speed of statement executed on this docker. and if there is a better way to do this feel free to let me know.

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