Is it possible to connect with an Oracle Docker container with an ODBC?

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I am using docker images from this github:

I installed oracle db version 19c in my environment with the following command:

docker  run --name oracle19c --network host -p 1521:1521 -p 5500:5500
 -v /opt/oracle:/u01/oracle oracle/database:19.3.0-ee

Then I connect to it to run sqlplus with:

docker exec -ti oracle19c sqlplus system/[email protected]

Then I managed to successfully load some data into it. However, I would like to connect to the database with an ODBC connection. However, I am confused on going about and connecting to the database inside docker, I have not been able to find any resources or guides. The server runs Ubuntu and I am connected over an ssh connection if that helps.

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