Keep Docker swarm worker running on offline edge devices after reboot for IoT usage

  docker, iot, swarm

I’m intending to use Docker swarm to manage a set of IoT devices by using the orchestration with "global" mode.

As long as the edge device has an active internet connection, everything works fine, even if the worker is running and the connection is lost, the services keep running as desired.

But… If the worker is offline, running the service, and for some reason gets restarted, it comes back with the service containers stopped, and I can’t find a way to make it work offline on boot, starting the services with the last configuration, and, when get online again, it can synch with manager node.

So far, as I read on the docs, it seems to not be possible, due to a service need to talk to the manager to start it… but I’ve been wondering if there is another way to get it done.

I’ve checked that there might be a solution using KubeEdge, but, K8S is not as friendly as Docker to get things running, and I already have docker on every edge device yet (~ 100 devices).

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