Auto scale an aws sagemake endpoint which is based on a docker

I have deployed an aws endpoint using a docker container. (i followed this

Everything is working perfectly but now i need to put it in production, and define an auto scaling strategy.

I tried 2 things:

first with the aws console but the autoscaling button is greyed out.

Then i tried to use the method describe here : My endoint name is EmbeddingEndpoint and my variant name is SimpleVariant. So my final command is

aws application-autoscaling put-scaling-policy 
--policy-name scalable_policy_for_embedding 
--policy-type TargetTrackingScaling 
--resource-id endpoint/EmbeddingEndpoint/variant/SimpleVariant 
--service-namespace sagemaker 
--scalable-dimension sagemaker:variant:DesiredInstanceCount 
--target-tracking-scaling-policy-configuration file://policy_config.json

but i get this result :

An error occurred (ObjectNotFoundException) when calling the PutScalingPolicy operation: 
No scalable target registered for service namespace: sagemaker, resource ID: 
endpoint/EmbeddingEndpoint/variant/SimpleVariant, scalable dimension: 

does someone has another solution, or is it that i didn’t set the variable well ?
Thank you in advance !

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